Friday, November 05, 2010

Jaime Leigh wins wild card spot with public support. The Open Mic term covers a lot of events, including a national projectwith a final at the O2.

Jaime Leigh has won the wild card vote for the area finals in Portsmouth on the 27th November.

Here again are two videos from th Acoustica festival at the Phoenix.



Meanwhile Open Mic continues in Exeter at Oddfellows on a Monday and the NBA on a Wednesday and other places. The lighting is terrible so video is bit hit and miss. So other daylight venues may be included. See recent @hum at Fuel for example.

Next summer the budget for Heavitree Park on August Bank Holiday Monday may be just enough for an open mic stage and some electronics. There should be enough blogs etc. to reach performers and an audience. Modest aims.

But someone will get to the O2 so this will be tracked also.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Asian Film festival continues next week at Devonshire House. It was raining on Saturday evening but my guess is that people in Exeter still do not know about it. There have been some leaflets but no posters that I have seen.

So in the week of #likeminds can social media contribute something? There has been confusion over the exact dates and titles but I am now fairly certain that on Monday at 7pm the second Korean film will be Portrait of a Beauty. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is on Tuesday. There will be a closing ceremony on Wednesday so come early. the film is Warriors of Heaven and Earth.

YouTube can contribute to promotion, something to discuss at #likeminds and continue in #Exeter.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

The copy for the other two boxes. more next week on precise locations.

Next week is #likeminds in Exeter. I am trying out some cardboard boxes as a demo of how broadband might work. There is a BT building near the Castle but not as much use of the web as there might be. The route will be to a table near the Old Timers.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Blog post on Google TV, Apple TV and #EX1to4 as a search based channel.

Link here.

As a project this comes back to WiFi Exeter. The blog has been dormant for a while but there is still some interest. Downside is that Blogger now supplies some stats and it turns out only 10% of the views are from the UK. So probably not many from Exeter. The topics are relevant somewhere however. Exeter has got an Apple shop so the ideas around TV may get over. Google TV is for the UK sometime next year.

So I will try stuff around #EX1to4 and see if the stats show more of a UK trend.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is a video already on Youtube

The Spacex website shows details of events in Exmouth and Exeter that may be reported as video. Rougemont Global Broadcasting has included events at the castle but probably there are now enough sources for linking to make more sense. I have started two channels - Rougemont Garden Broadcasting that is just about exeter and fairly close ; Rougemont Global broadcasting that includes some tech etc from other places if there is a possible Exeter link.

More on updates later. In theory the links could be to mainstream media. "Social media" is getting vague enough to include video of various kinds.

Meanwhile the Pyrates are at the Firehouse on Saturday. Search Youtube on "pyrates" or "pyratesuk". this social media approach assumes the audience make the moves.
The social media thing is really getting ahead. Haymarket continue to publish Printweek in hard copy (yes this is another blog but some topics are coherent)

But the online aspect of Haymarket is growing.

Wallblog links to based on gowalla and other positioning sites. You can find Exeter on the Google map and there is comment but only a couple as of today. Still you don't need a phone or to check in. You just get the buzz from a desktop.

Maybe I have lost track. Should I get out more?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Solomon Burke

Mama Stones in July.

There may be more video later from the Respect Festival. The idea of using YouTube to promote Exeter events just needs lots of examples. Sometimes easier to use content from other places.

Search YouTube on "Exeter Respect" already finds a few.
I will try out social media in Exeter this week. #likeminds is in Helsinki. In Exeter I miss LifeBytes as a real place. Was on Sidwell Street. Twitter is ok but not the same.

IPEX blog updated. How to relate this to Exeter?

Short posts on Posterous in future. May work ok as a sort of email.

My main topic this week is the Kodak Zi8 camera. Presumably many more cameras like this will appear soon. So clips to YouTube will be a larger scene. Local TV could edit some together but it may not be essential that this happens. The quality is ok.

But some sort of budget is needed. The Respect Festival sort of sold CDs for variable sums of payment. could this work for DVD? needs something for production and editing.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Samba Marcianas-Exeter School of Samba- Exeter Respect 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Found this list of links through PMGillard on Twitter.

I think he may be in Cornwall. The list is for artists in Devon. What is happening in Exeter?
The Respect Festival was really good. Belmont Park is quite close to Heavitree. I wonder what folk music is about? This event is getting closer to Sidmouth as a culture. All sorts of music could be folk music somewhere. Attitudes to copyright seem very flexible too. Lots of video some of which will turn up online.

Samba Marcianas and NUMB so far. I have loaded an interview with Phonic and one clip from Bragatanga. this starts with a promotion for the Summer Festival and the Rougemont Gardens.

Why is there not more of this sort of thing? So far as I know Exeter City Council still has reservations about Flash and therefore watching YouTube is not part of the festival promotion routine. Maybe social media should just reflect this anyway. Things move slowly on YouTube so it may take a year to edit and load all material from this Respect in time to promote the next one.

I am still puzzled by the Like Minds event in Exeter. Was it just people from London and Bristol here for the day? The next one is in Helsinki. There could be some sort of benchmark. Real time in real life is not something for which you have to go to Helsinki.

I will be somewhere near St Sidwells later this week if you would like to discuss this post. They have web access so I could do a Tweet with a bit more detail. @will789gb. Topics to include how to develop video as promotion for Exeter events.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Raphael Saadiq still not confirmed for Mama Stones this summer, but YouTube has something recent

Production standards on video may not matter much if the sound is ok. Not complaining about this one obviously.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

This shows how QR codes could work. Based on Manchester in reality. But Exeter could have something similar. I continue to look for suitable devices.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Not sure if this should be in the Animation blog. Probably not. I think the "wifi" theme is morphing into social media in general. I am using a retro mobile phone but tracking developments. I still use a dedicated device for a camera. Recently took some photos during the MayDay tea party, another random act of art at Spacex. No people so no release forms, hoping the dog is ok with this. Please leave a comment. There were other people photocopying the dog so there may well be better ones. Please link in.

Themes of involving the audience in co-creativity sometimes break down over copyright issues i find. So the teatime is a useful ambiguous space, somewhere between art and commerce. Plates and cups by ; cupcakes by . Also there is a blog about the project.

I only found out about the blog through the website after the MayDay event as the show closed. I think there could be more publicity for the social media. They are not discovered as easily as is often supposed. Something like a sign at the gallery or a mention in print would be useful. Also I think the approach to copyright may need to change. Networks operate around objects (theory to be expanded later but may be obvious anyway). If photos allowed, mashup encouraged etc there is more chance of further comment and involvement.

I will be looking out for more dog photos. Previous blog post mentioned Tweet from Phoenix about slum dogs in India. Photos no longer in Phoenix bar but some are online. Also some dogs have a portrait on Flickr. So online linking is possible. All rights reserved though on these Flickr dog portraits.

However there are Creative Commons photos if you search on "Theo Jansen" and these show previous work. Similarly for YouTube. Presumably public space art is less protected from cameras. There will be events in Exmouth and Exeter but meanwhile there could be some collage or editing. I may look out for some Exmouth backgrounds or do some originals if the weather improves. Also looking out for dogs and cupcakes.
Still interested in barcodes or Quick Response codes. Tales of Things continues but there is no clear guidance so I think you can do what you like. Reporting back is important of course. There is a meeting coming up in Edinburgh that could explain a lot. Unfortunately this is a long way away from Exeter. I have an imaginary friend who lives quite close to Edinburgh but I fear he may be somewhere else at the time. I know he is in Exeter a few days earlier. But I may imagine him attending the meeting. This worked very well during the #likeminds occasion.

You can tell that QR codes are a bit futurist for someone stuck in an attic with a desktop computer and full size keyboard. Mobility is not for everyone. But I will get more over the summer.

The meeting seems to be about the "dark side" of technology as well as social networking.
How do you feel about councils tagging wheelie bins in order to monitor what people are throwing out,

They may cover CCTV. I thought about this as a route to cheap video. The city as a set, once we work out what each location represents. But it may be that local authorites have other priorities.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I missed the Food Festival as i was in Lancaster last week, but here is a link to a proper print journalist from the Express and Echo. This marks a new stage in Exeter web video. Most events are recorded somewhere.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am thinking about the Phoenix Digital Art scheme. There is a £750 budget as well as other support. Most of what I do is extension of blogging but maybe it could be art. I have found an online explanation of how MoMA New York has "acquired" the asperand - aka @.

Still thinking about #likeminds and Exeter. I feel disjointed as if it all happened in another place. Without a suitable piece of kit I cannot connect.Both Gowalla and Foursquare allow you to login to their site from the web but I don't think you can show where you are. I find that a netbook over 24 months or a phone over eighteen months could be within the £750. A few problems with this. Would they like the idea of blowing almost all the budget on kit? Also it is supposed to be a six months project. So what would the Phoenix do with the phone for the rest of the contract? I think the phone is more likely as some sort of geo positioning needs to be built in.

Argument number one - there could be a high number of @ produced.

More generally, text is enough to link to other stuff. I encourage Creative Commons because usually other people do things better than I do. So for art that links to social media the limited buget for outputs may not be a problem.

A couple of examples. I spoke to Damien Houston from the Wheely Saying something radio show on Phonic about Fieldworks by Juliet Robson. This is from last year but there are Flick photos. Why not do some photos from wheelchairs around Exeter? Earlier today I got a tweet about photos of slum dogs in India. What about the dogs in Exter? Or anywhere else. Of course we do not need location based social media to take photos. But it may add something.

Friday, March 26, 2010

And this on Flickr

Creative Commons licence as well. So maybe the stills could be combined with others.
Now I have found some embed code

This is from the Exeter Twestival Mama Stones

#ExeterTwestival on Twitter

Ellie Williams on Facebook

The Exeter Twestival is over but some video exists. Ustream seems to work well and the sound is good on what I hear so far.

This is a really good development. I have tried to work on several music videos with mixed results. Mama Stones has the resource for sound recording which is a good start. Suggest this is checked out as reference occasion.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

This is video from Exeter. So don't worry about the nonsense on YouTube. Reasonable production is possible.

Still thinking about #likeminds and how Exeter continues meanwhile. I have found a Flickr link for Phoenix Galleries. Not sure how I missed it for so long. there are photos from several recent shows. I had thought that policy was to not allow photography from the public or casual bloggers. Just repeating myself but gradually getting towards a three minute version, social media assumes some sort of free access to samples, mashup possibilities and soforth. Music is ok most of the time, visual art not so yet as far as I can tell. The Flickr photos are not Creative Commons but can be linked to. Presumably no permission for collage with something else.

There are several from Fieldworks by Juliet Robson. Also text on Facebook (keep scrolling down). I will try to raise this with the Wheely Saying Something radio show on Phonic. The work involved several ropes showing a line of sight, for example from a wheelchair. There could be more photos from around Exeter, maybe paint the ropes in later.

The current show may involve a stage set and invite performance inspired by the Gold Diggers of 1932, 1934, 1937 etc. Warner are not the most obvious people to encourage a mash up. But what else is possible?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This post may claim to be about content but is an extension of the wifi Exeter idea. (Possibly some animation later but meanwhile the Aninexeter blog is off topic often enough).

The Phoenix is offering some funds for a digital experiment so I am thinking of what might fit. Trying to understand how online learning happens, it seems to relate to comparisons through time and space. There is something by way of script or process that is similar enough online and offline. Enough for some sort of feedback and connection. Script implies fiction, but not always. Leave that open till I understand the scope of the application form a bit better.

The #likeminds ideas are still sinking in. I tried out Gowalla and FourSquare. Location based and although there are websites they seem to assume you have a phone with location sensing built in. My guess is this is still rare in Exeter unless there are a crowd of visitors. Conference Centre on Queen Street still scoring high for Gowalla visits.

I checked with the New Horizon coffee shop on Longbrook Street and St Sidwell's. Both have web access but no positioning as far as I can tell. Still this would work with Twitter if you just needed to know when to meet. Sometimes there is web access at the Phoenix, a minimal Mac in the Imaginary Lounge. So there could be three locations to try out even before suitable devices are widely available. The spots could be imagined as other spots. This is what is beginning to make sense for me. I have thought about a walk for example on the Lancaster university campus with the InfoLab as a start and the Management School as a challenge to techno claims. Other scenarios are possible.

Looking in Dixons it appears that a laptop with web access is £30 a month on a two year contract. This is most of the budget. What else could you do as an output? Would a phone be cheaper? How long a wait is possible before the contract? I think it is supposed to be a year project.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yesterday the City Centre Manager was on Twitter again about being in the City Centre. I am gradually learning more about how this sort of thing works. A link to Gowalla showed which coffee site he was in. Meeting up with #likeminds types.

I still find there is a disconnect with much of Exeter as I think about it. Maybe I should get out more or have not checked recently. The Exeter Twestival is using social media much more than most events. I think the Phoenix could do even more in this area.

Can't keep up with video for all that happens so here is a link to previously

I think the effect of options such as Gowallah could be to make links with other places. Exeter can be benchmarked through shifts in time or location.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Chris Brogan at Like Minds , embed invited on blog so I am encouraged to continue borrowing stuff.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I went back to Tools of Change New York. Forgot to look much last week in the excitement about Like Minds being in Exeter. Found this from Chris Brogan so it confirms stuff fits together.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Searching blogs for more on LikeMinds. This from John Bell-
Exeter UK is a hidden gem. Okay, hidden form me perhaps. Two and a half hours outside of London, who would have guessed that such a cool little town existed. It is a place that you could actually imagine living in (if you have kids) and you can actually buy stuff there as well. @scottgould and @drewellis did a great job of luring us all there and John Harvey aka @exeterccm - the City Centre Manager was a terrific host.

John Bell works for Ogilvy PR and teaches graduate studies in Digital Influence at Johns Hopkins University. So it is great that he has visited Exeter and may do again. But I have a bit of a disconnect as I don't really know who in Exeter will be continuing this conversation round the year. I miss LifeBytes as an internet resource and social connection. It might have more support if it existed at this time when the case for social media is better understood.

Also Flickr photos can be found. No complaints yet about my borrowing photos from Twitter for my own versions. So I am still thinking about Rougemont Global Broadcasting as social communication rather than pure video. What this actually means is going back to text, some of it in very short chunks, and linking to other people. They won't mind. Trust me, I'm a blogger.

See Whatleydude blog for map of where Exeter is.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Like Minds still settling. seems ok.

the tape has jammed in my sensible camera so it is back to stills and the disgo. Can't edit this, the software just stops. But YouTube will load it ok.

Just enough to make a connection. Please add links and comments.

Fortunately Documentalist is on the case. Very impressive to edit this together overnight. The sound recording is pretty good I think but not so free of background noise that the music can be added. Maybe it is just me. I have the same trouble with television. Maybe we are not really supposed to know what is happening at the Guardian. Anyway, well worth watching.

Flickr set of photos.

I lost the crowd after a bit. It was cold and windy so nobody eating outside. The images of people in central Exeter all discussing the social benefits of media and branding will have to wait for the summer.

I am still puzzled how this relates to Exeter. Most people seemt o be from London or maybe Bristol. Next week more investigation. We could start with analog2digital as an event that relates to social communication.

Friday, February 26, 2010



RT @scottgould #likeminds (Broadcasting live at #Exeter
10 minutes ago from web


Watch #likeminds live at
9 minutes ago via Tweetie
Timeshifting Exeter TV

Problem is Jo is not in Exeter at this time. So Exeter TV, the production standards project, is not that present. Meanwhile maybe Rougemont global Broadcasting is better presented as a social network rather than video. not at all sure about this which is why a chat with Jo would be useful. Possible solution is to link this to Facebook then check later. Imagined events can coexist with actual. This is assuming that some sort of record is possible of the lunchtime wanderings.

My wild guess is that Jo might lunch somewhere like the Firehouse, just ouside the zone of the city centre management, then move towards somewhere the Bowling Green on the way home. In other words on a Friday he may not return to the formal conference. This is just fiction you understand.

I think Jo will actually be at the Bowling Green for the Pyrates on St Patricks Night. So I will try to discover his views on social media and the positioning of Exeter. The Pyrates are not too loud, we may be able to converse.

Later, do an edit to put some clips together.

Meanwhile, Facebook. Jo is not on Twitter as far as I know.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do they mean us?

The wonders of Twitter include finding out what is going on just around the corner. During Animated Exeter I became aware of the Exeter City Centre Manager and then became a follower. This week it turns out there is a major event in Exeter around social networking. Friday lunchtime at various places not too far from Queen Street. From the Twitter feed so far it seems people or on trains or heading this way. I had no idea. Checked in the Tourist Information and they were surprised as well.

We are like minds, apparently media experts and brand builders. So my question would be how this can continue between visits? Is there a local base? Found an explanation published in Plymouth but still not sure what happens closer.

Story so far on this blog. Intel survey reveals Exeter as a wifi capital for the UK, the highest proportion of hotspots to population. Actually mostly IT games devices in pubs, ask the bar staff for the reality of how often they are used. But anyway the point is there was a UK headline event, then not a lot to follow up.

Will the RDA be there? I have been encouraged to venture to Bristol for the barcamp on apps for mobiles. But the RDA on a wander through the high street in case the social awareness is of global connectedness? Not sure this happens that often.

This recent Animated Exeter there was no problem in explaining what YouTube is. Long ago there was an issue that Exeter City Council support for Flash was limited. Not that wasting time on status updates is what people should be doing all day long but on the other hand culture events can benefit from a few links. Maybe people now find out about YouTube at home.

Meanwhile Rougemont Global Broadcasting continues on a small scale. The Rose Bond clip from the castle is now in double figures for views. Maybe i should relaunch it as a social networking example, with the video as just one aspect.

I will try to get some pictures tomorrow lunchtime. There could be a breakout session in the Firestation.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Winter Beer Festival on YouTube

Trying to keep up with events in Exeter. Still hoping to find an editor for the tapes from Beer At The Castle. The sound needs some help also. But something will happen soon. Lighting for live music really is better in the summer.

Not sure if there will be a 2010 summer event. But the Castle will have some combination of food / drink / music. My idea of the YouTube chatshow at the moment is to link to something else whenever possible. So please look out for Isambarde Electric when they start to tour as the snow disappears.

YouTube search comes up with a train named after Brunel leaving St Davids so ignore that one unless it is interesting.

Monday, January 04, 2010

More about local news. Not sure if this is the right blog but "wifi Exeter" has tended to be about anywhere there is wifi. Exeter may be similar but out of time. News is that there will be tests of the local tv news approach for ITV. These will be in Scotland, Wales and North East England. Most interest seems to be in Scotland. Media Guardian has nothing in print today but who knows when it was written? The BBC have most detail and there is also a report from Media Week.

I missed the news about the invitation to tender or where the pilots are to be. So far there is nothing about using the input from social media to augment the impact of local TV. By the way is "local" the whole of Scotland for example?

I missed the Coldplay concert in Exeter as I was in Granadaland for the holidays. Snowscape very seasonal but it continued when life was supposed to return to normal. Checking Youtube shows that the Coldplay event was well reported. The South West could be a test of how local news works with YouTube etc. Nothing yet on Ian Anderson in the cathedral or Spin2 on New Year's Eve. I may be getting too local for the equivalent of a Bristol studio but YouTube can be flexible.

Anyone reading this in Scotland? Swap observations over 2010? What chance the ITV budget could reach the public and allow for better editing etc. ? What sort of difference will the experiment make?

Friday, January 01, 2010

Spent the last couple of weeks in Granadaland but YouTube has much stuff from Exeter Castle. Nothing I can find on Ian Anderson in the Cathedral or on Spin2. But the Winterlude one is at the end of this list. 2010 could be even better for video from Rougemont.