Saturday, November 29, 2003

Not much actual progress but I have realised one reason why this idea is interesting.

The BUS project a Psand's knowledge / experiments have been an inspiration during a time when actual bandwidth in the Uk has been not too good in comparison with other places one hears about. Now at least there is the possibility of actual broadband so the next phase is to demonstrate some content that uses what exists. BT will provide some more as it gets used up.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

This is a test to see if the new template is working.

I hope it has a link to Animated Exeter and Psand.

Psand know about wireless stuff and may turn up next summer. They got as far as Somerset earlier this year.

Aniamated Exeter could feature much digital stuff. Knowledge to support wireless should be more widespread by February

Intel has found that Exeter is a centre for wifi. Well, this comes as a bit of a surprise for those of us who live here. But maybe I should get out more. There may be much more happening than seems to be the case.

I was based at Hyperactive Cafe on Queen Street till it closed down. There is now no internet cafe in exeter other than a few screens in Extreme, Princesshay. The library has good access but I don't think they allow sound. Actually Extreme has no sound either.

Most of the sites Intel know about are based on games machines in pubs. Apparently the games update overnight using bandwidth that is still there by day. However, not every pub has a support unit to explain how things work. My intention is to diligently explore all the sites but this may take some time.

So far I have tried out the Turk's Head. Some interest but no track record so far. The City Gate has got Young's but no technical staff either.

I invested in a £6 deal with BTOpenzone. So far I have not been able to log on but do get a signal. The Buckerall Lodge seems to be working ok and tghe word is that there is occasional use, often by people at conferences.

The Cavern still has a dial-up modem device. £1 for fifteen minutes.

The BT phone boxes on South Street and the coach station both show a signal but no sign of use. The people in the computer shop opposite on South Street have not seen anything yet.

Further investigation follows. Any news of developments please contact me. The bandwidth appears to be 11 megs per second which would be quite good if it was being used.

Will Pollard