Monday, November 13, 2006

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Globe has got an IT box so in theory it could connect to wi-fi. Maybe this would help connections, if there was a decent camera for example. At least the video on the previous post was loaded at Google the day after the event. One problem is that few people use the wifi available. Apparently over about eighteen months there have been four people actually trying to use the wifi, of which three got it working. The signal reaches the car park so sensitive documents might stay secure.

There is a pub in Bristol, the Chelsea, where Bristol Wireless support a Linux box with web access and also wifi for any other computers available. They broadcast sometimes on Radio Vague and the music seems in the same range as the Globe. Maybe wifi could assist more contact but maybe real time is not an issue. I had thought of listening to Radio Vague this evening but will probably be back at the Globe. So here is one track from the Chelsea earlier this year, as MP3 and as Ogg. Check here if you need some guidance on Ogg Vorbis.

Visited the Globe last night. Unfortunately the King Lud reading event was cancelled. The bookshop has closed on Fore Street and the staff have moved to Oxfordshire as the word has it. The Globe has something scheduled for most days during the Exeter Autumn Festival. I did a short video of musicians downstairs as there was nothing happening upstairs. The video is very low quality because of the lack of lighting and the unsuitable camera. There is a suggestion that a really good camera could be borrowed from the Phoenix before the festival closes. There will be a link later to any video that turns up.

So before the video, a photo that has been worked on a bit to make it lighter.

Now the video

Embedding not working at the moment so please follow this link.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Apologies about the reference to the DTI in the last post.

The Digital Challenge is actually from the Communities office.

I think there was an e-envoy at some point but I'm not sure what the DTI is doing recently.

Meanwhile KPMG are sponsoring some awards for e-government. I still think the awards and shortlist style of approach will not do much for the digital divide or forms of exclusion.

What is any government doing to support internet caf├ęs? Obviously libraries get some funding but I think that in Exeter for example somewhere like Life Bytes is making a contribution. My intention is to continue a conversation there and connect with other projects when possible.
Checking the Bristol Wireless site it turns out they are part of a bid to become a demo site of some sort.

It seems the DTI idea is to challenge digital exclusion by concentrating resources on a few dramatic sites. Manchester needs a boost obviously. Milton Keynes has only got the Open University to help it understand e-learning etc. Parts of London probably qualify.

Apart from Bristol,

"The other ‘top-ten’ finalists are; Stratford on Avon District Council, Birmingham City Council & Shropshire County Council, Norfolk County Council, Sunderland City Council, Ealing Council, Nottingham City & Nottinghamshire County Council, Kingston Upon Hull City Council, Milton Keynes Council and Manchester City Council, in partnership with Tameside MBC."

Here in 'wi-fi Exeter' I don't think there was any move to join this bid. So the South West effect will be for more energy in Bristol. Nothing wrong with that of course. Suggest we pay careful attention.

Norfolk County Council may be supported by Norwich where there is some energy for free wifi.
Exeter Television now have a video edit on YouTube from Sidmouth Folk Week.

This is a welcome development and confirms my impression that the web is outside of normal time. This is from the summer just as the fog arrives. The saxaphone gets a lot of the time available on this edit. No bad thing in my opinion. However there is nothing from the main performance by Melonious Funk. Maybe this can be released in time for Vibraphonic. This is what I mean about being outside time. Melonious Funk have four tracks on MySpace.

Anyway this summer definitely worked out ok. Last year was frustrating when the wifi failed to work at the Tate during the Thames Festival. See photos. There should have been a sax solo over the web and then nothing happened.

In an attempt to move things closer in time I have loaded a very short video on Google from the Exeter Autumn Festival continental food market on Sunday. There may be more from Exeter Television later. Not sure if television should be in real time now it is on the web. So the original idea of wi-fi as in real time and space during a festival seems to be getting more distant.