Thursday, March 18, 2004

During the festival I noticed that there could be a connection between the animation from Lumen and the new experiments from

Lumen distribute "A Beautiful Virus Inside the Machine: Animation works by Lillian Schwartz, 1970-8"
It might be possible to show this as well as project stuff from a computer.

If this works anywhere, please get in touch. Something like this might happen at Animated Exeter next year.
There is a fairly new organisation in Exeter called Wired West. I have been to one meeting and told a few people about how animation and wi-fi could both be supported. They seem more interested in a 'business case' for wi-fi so i have added a link to Intel.


Some students at Plymouth College of Art and Design have done a short Flash piece as work experience. I could not offer much of a script except to ask they showed a wi-fi bus reaching Exeter where something happened at a festival. They have done a great job in the time. I hope to do more promotion on this later.

Still not a lot of sign of wi-fi in Exeter. However there is an article in Personal Computer World ( May p 97 ) about broadband in Buckfastleigh.

It seems there are a couple of pubs with wi-fi so this could be investigated. Buckfastleigh is not too far from Exeter. Things could move over the summer. I think it is safe to assume that wi-fi will be widely available in time for Animated Exeter in 2005. Meanwhile something will continue online.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Apologies for lack of new information.

There will be an update soon.