Thursday, May 24, 2007

There is an update in the AnimX blog. Bandwidth is definitely enough for YouTube at least at home or somewhere like LifeBytes. And now there is a short video from Exeter TV .com on the Games Day during Animated Exeter. Wifi bandwidth may not be enough for a lot of video but in principle there can now be connections. The actual use of web access during festivals seeme to be more about linking to somewhere else or some other time rather than intensifying a specific occasion. So the AnimX blog may have more links to other animation festivals.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

There is a sign outside the Royal Oak, Heavitree for the Gadge Band. Thursday is tomorrow. This may be the same Gadge Band that has a video on YouTube from the Globe, Newtown.

So if anybody finds this blog over the next 24 hours this could be an indication of what would be possible with wifi.

The screen is still showing entirely adverts at LifeBytes. Could there be some sort of content? Apparently at some stage there could be a sound option if you bring your own headphones and some wifi kit. In theory there could be samples and promotion for a network of events.