Saturday, December 24, 2011

Otis playlist may not reach Phonic this year but still be in the cloud later

Phonic FM still relies on the Compact Disc (CD) and usb sticks etc.

One day there will be seamless real time methods for presenters to upload from home.

But meanwhile there may be some gaps. I have tried to find ways to upload songs from Otis etc but copyright is an issue. Seems ok through YouTube so you will ahve to click through or diveret to something else.

Happy holidays

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exeter Cathedral and Billy Bragg - Free University / Tent City

So far there is no video from last week when Billy Bragg visited Occupy Exeter at the Cathedral.

So here arer a couiple of links from St PAuls, Tent City University. Next year there will be more connections, some through cut and paste in Photoshop.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Museum opens this week, remembering Prince Albert

My guess is that Prince Albert would now be on Soundcloud and a frequent visits to Berlin. But apparently it was Queen Charlotte who introduced the Christmas tree to the UK. Stan Hacking claimed last night that most of the audience had the wrong answer.

I hope there will be more technology around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. I did a talk with some display as part of the millenium exhibition Script to Print to Hypertext. The Hypertext was a small proportion at that time. The notes for my talk need an update but the issues are still a reasonable place to start.

I have found a couple of PDF files in my backup system and uploaded them to Scribd. More later.

Text to Print to Hypertext PDF download from website for Millenium Show at RAMM Exeter

Text to Print to Hypertext PDF download from website for Millenium Show at RAMM Exeter


Notes for talk during Script to Print to Hypertext at RAMM 2000

Notes for talk during Script to Print to Hypertext at RAMM 2000

Monday, December 05, 2011

This week also in London, tent city university library via Twinity in Exeter

Not sure how this week will work out. I am in London on Thursday but this is also the day for the Wild Show on Phonic FM so I may pre record something or phone in. Or edit bits together in the future. Live radio is not what it was, mostly prerecorded or listened again anywaqy.

I am interested in the idea of a university as part of the tents outside St Pauls and Exeter Cathedral. In Exeter there is now a library tent as well. I have started to mix photos of Twinity spaces and reality. So more during this week if I can get to the right places.

My request for the Wild Show - Magic Bus by the Who. Chris not born in 1970 so he may need persuading.

As far as I know Exeter campus will still lose the bookshop in April when the new buildings are open. So the Exeter Riddle 2012 is

If a university campus is better without a bookshop, what is the rationale for a library?

Even starting to answer this involves the cloud. There are many alternative worlds, some of them close together. I think something like this is part of the Blast Theory when the museum reopens. Some sound may turn up on the Wild Show before too long.