Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Freespot is installed at the Peter Chalk Centre. Too soon to judge what effect this will have. Paul Burgess is on the KMS stand in the exhibition part but seems to be spending most of his time on technical support. Configuring laptops and PDAs is still a problem.

Paul Burgess is usually at Broadband in Rural Areas-
Exeter benefits from being near rural areas where there is some policy for broadband support.

There will not be an organised visit this week. It is clearly working as there were several people using it earlier today. So I think there is a start on 'wi-fi Exeter' but still a lot to learn from other places.

Tomorrow I will be at an Open Source meeting in London
People from Psand suggested I attend. They actually know about wi-fi and satellite broadband, using open source software.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Until recently I thought of Amsterdam as being more or less at the centre of actual broadband in Europe. The Seybold Seminars have had a basis in reality as if people there actually used the technology they speak about.

Now items like this report suggest the reality of wi-fi might be just as far from the claims as in Exeter

The Freespot in the Southgate Hotel is working. So as a conference centre it might be an alternative to the RAI.
John Traxler will talk on "Using Handheld Computers to Support Study Skills" tomorrow during Alt-C. There is a PDF on the web that explains some background.

I found this through Google. The Wolverhampton search finds several other things for "handheld", including this about games.
There is an internet cafe as part of Alt-C, part of the library on the right as you go in. It is also confirmed that there will be wi-fi in the Peter Chalk Centre.

Not sure how many people might visit Life Bytes. It seems a more self-contained event than the Science Fest. Still, as the library calls itself an internet cafe for the occasion maybe one with actual coffee is within the scope.

Joke. Man walks into a library
Man "I'd like some fish and chips please"
Librarian " You do realise this is a library."
Man (whispers) "I'd like some fish and chips please."

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Friday, September 10, 2004

There was the first actual check during Thursday. Actual visit to Freespot at Southgate Hotel ( working fine) , the BT phone box and an IT Box. Both the latter showed a signal but we did not actually use the web. Our impression was that there is not much use made of these. Full report next week.

Freespot seems a good option that may develop. Should be at the Peter Chalk building next week so we may check this also. If you're in Exeter, call in at Life Bytes or else this blog should be updated.


Thursday, September 09, 2004

Meanwhile the claims for wi-fi continue to escalate-

This from 'Good Morning Silicon Valley' archive

Despite much evidence to the contrary, Intel appears to be hitting at least a few of its deadlines. The company said Tuesday that it has begin sampling its new WiMax chip, Rosedale, and expects that it will be offered as an option on the Centrino platform by 2006. Based on the 802.16 WiMax specifications, Rosedale promises to deliver two-way Internet access at speeds of up to 75 megabits per second over distances as great as 10 miles. It's an emerging standard, and one that promises to transform connectivity. "WiMax will be to DSL what cellular was to landlines: a more convenient, lower cost technology,"
. "We predict the same kind of growth for WiMax as was seen with Wi-Fi. By 2008 we think that 8 percent of all internet connections will be via WiMax." said Intel president Paul Otellini

Intel is the source for the idea that Exeter is a centre of wi-fi hotspots. The phrase 'spurious claims' has been used at The Register. Maybe it is just a matter of timing. There will be some wi-fi in Exeter sometime in the future. Something has started already but things are still on a small scale.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Probably the check of phone boxes and IT boxes in central Exeter will be on Thursday, starting in the afternoon. Check this blog or ask at Liofe Bytes.

The expectation is that Freespot will be available at the Peter Chalk Conference Centre in time for Alt-C next week. If this is the only web access there may be some people who have not brought a laptop so may like to visit Life Bytes.

24 Paris Street, just a bit further than the High Street.

Monday, September 06, 2004

There is an internet cafe as part of the BA Science Festival. Just past the registration desk as you go in to Devonshire House. They have some handouts about our tests for wifi Exeter and they will be kept up to date of any further movements during the week. No wifi as such but the aim is for wifi to be available at the Peter Chalk Centre by next week for Alt-C.

Meanwhile Psand are working on a broadcast from Dorset next Sunday. There is an aim to connect an internet cafe in Exeter with events such as Animated Exeter and/or Vibraphonic. One problem is that Life Bytes may come to an end with the current building in December. So things happen out of time and space. Psand will also be at a conference next week in London-
Lasa's Penguin Day( withBristol Wireless to talk and listen. A lot has happened in Brstol around wireless. There will be streaming media from Barcelona in October - the D-Form festival ( Suggest this is benchmarked in Exeter to check out how internet stuff could fit with sound and animation.

This blog will be kept fairly up to date during this week. Info also probably at Life Bytes, 24 Paris Street.