Friday, May 19, 2006

Ramblings on the occasion of the Rocket festival, please skip to something interesting.

The conditions are right for a new level sometime soon during the third summer of vagueness.

For instance, Life Bytes exists on Sidwell Street opposite the Odeon. 8 megs on a fixed line with seats and resident support staff. How very sensible.

Wifi for free in the Exeter central library, maybe in the Rougement gardens through the window.

The Rocket festival starts today Friday. Check Radio Vague for details and a stream. If there is a technical hitch just try something from last year or the year before. Maybe not from Spain, from somewhere.

Coming soon, Lost Vagueness near Exeter. The "wifi Exeter" site has been updated showing Powderham Castle on the map. I am still not sure how the map works. I just get lucky now and again. Please update.

Meanwhile it remains clear that streaming media is only one option. Paul Gillard has visited Life Bytes with a work in progress on DVD. This year the digital fringe for Animated Exeter was postponed as there was no Life Bytes. Something will resume when Paul is ready with something to show. There is still a lot online.

Recently a webcam featured in a gallery work at the Phoenix. Webcams are not cutting edge on the web but this was an early example of a web enabled gallery in Exeter. I sent in my own short clip of the river Teign and it showed up a couple of days later. I also took loads of photos, with permission.

It turns out Blind Ditch also do a Vanland project about web access and mobility. Something may come together to result in greater visibility for these concepts.

What a disaster last summer was. The disappointment of the Thames Festival still lingers in the mind. It was advertised that a sax solo would occur, streamed over the web. Then nothing happened, all because of an admin mixup involving the Tate Modern. Maybe the Exe valley is a rehearsal space and something better will be prepared for the Thames Festival this year.

It is now possible to add contributors to the wifi Exeter blog. Or just send something if you like. 'wifi Exeter' may not be just about Exeter although Powderham for example is not far away.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Alas, it seems the photo bit is not working today either. This blog will now continue as text though there will be pictures at the companion website.

The news is that the famous BT phonebox has gone from South Street though it may be back. The reference library now offers wi-fi, free till August. You may pick it up from the gardens at the back. Find the castle and ask the way round to the Phoenix or otherwise find the Phoenix and soforth. The Phoenix also has wifi in the Media Centre but you may need to become a member. The strength of signals has not been recently tested but any reports are welcome. There are seats outside the Media Centre so it would be sensible to boost the system a bit. Positive feedback to the management may be helpful. Or just complain if that is easier.

Rougemont Gardens, may be near wifi from library Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The BT link in South Street is still there Posted by Picasa

However the picture seems not to be. I will have to do some further investigation to find out how this is supposed to work.
Not sure how this works. Tried to load four photos through Picassa. Only one seems to have gone. May be able to add text here. Shows South Street without the phone box.

ff Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 15, 2006

Well yes that seems to have worked ok

Google maps offers a link you can put in a blog.

Some other links

CECOP , a European organisation for worker co-ops, also connected with many other sorts of activity

O'Reilley Open Source Europe event OSCON

Somehow these things fit together.

I started looking at Google maps following a talk at the Phoenix in Exeter on Saturday about going for a walk. The mis-guide to Exeter has been followed by a mis-guide to anywhere. It seems to be an argument for staying at home but paying attention.
Google Maps - brussels belgium

not sure how this works, could be a link to a map of Brussels, that is the Botanique.

Some years ago I went to a CECOP meeting in Brussels. Memory of a Brussels map is now quite dim but I am pretty sure this looks like the Botanique. there is an Open Source meeting coming up later this year in a hotel not far away. Looks amazingly expensive. Maybe the lucky few who attend could meet up in the Botanique during a break and pass on some hints. Maybe in a world of blogging such moves are no longer needed. Maybe the event will be cheap and easy to attend anyway.

Also not sure if I would understand much of it. someone should explain what it all means in terms of cost and capability for the user if that's an ok term.