Monday, October 14, 2013

Adding tags to YouTube clips #13SWMA for example

This post is to show how to add tags. The occasion is the forthcoming South West Music Awards. I want to encourage people to use #13SWMA. Should be ok but needs some explanation. (The order is like this to avoid confusion with the Supporting Working Moms Act) The example in the screenshots is just to add the suggested tag to another video, about how to find Blackwells bookshop. but this should be enough as a guide. Start with the list of videos, then click the edit button
Then in edit, look for the tags. These are used in a search, so can be the same as for Twitter or Facebook. In this case thjere is a suggested tag official for Exeter University.
See detail
So if you have some video for the current South West Music Awards, please add the tag #13SWMA . From last year #SWMA12. Thanks.