Wednesday, October 22, 2008

World TV now offer embed code so this is a test

Another take on wifiExeter being anywhere. These are videos around Tottenham Court Road. It may be easier to find people to talk about things here such as the Sony Reader. Eventually there will be an edit. Add a response video to YouTube if you like.
The basic route is a square, down TCR, across to Morgans, back up to Waterstones, back to TCR. There is a Sony Centre on the way.

Goodge Street Station heading south

Finding Williams the newsagent

Turning into New Oxford Street

From Morgans towards Waterstones

From Waterstones towards TCR

Monday, October 13, 2008

October 22nd, draft format for training at Life Bytes to cover publishing around Acrobat and also how to be a critical e-citizen. Acrobat is not the only means of publishing, ePUB is through the Digital Editions Reader and the Sony Reader as well as others that could be searched for. The European Computer Driver Licence is looking a bit desktop bound as even Microsoft turns to the clouds. The "e-Citizen" content assumes people should just fill in forms more reliably. Am i being unfair? You can add a comment.

Probably 4 o clock and 6 o clock. Can both topic areas be covered in an hour or so? There will of course be future dates announced.

Opposite the Odeon, Sidwell Street Exeter.