Saturday, February 27, 2010

Like Minds still settling. seems ok.

the tape has jammed in my sensible camera so it is back to stills and the disgo. Can't edit this, the software just stops. But YouTube will load it ok.

Just enough to make a connection. Please add links and comments.

Fortunately Documentalist is on the case. Very impressive to edit this together overnight. The sound recording is pretty good I think but not so free of background noise that the music can be added. Maybe it is just me. I have the same trouble with television. Maybe we are not really supposed to know what is happening at the Guardian. Anyway, well worth watching.

Flickr set of photos.

I lost the crowd after a bit. It was cold and windy so nobody eating outside. The images of people in central Exeter all discussing the social benefits of media and branding will have to wait for the summer.

I am still puzzled how this relates to Exeter. Most people seemt o be from London or maybe Bristol. Next week more investigation. We could start with analog2digital as an event that relates to social communication.

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