Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Playlists, Performance promo, DCC Cultural Hustings

Each of the clips from the Devon county council Cultural Hustings is now uploaded to YouTube, including the full session and there is a playlist. The playlist can be added to before the election so suggestions are welcome. Liberal Democrat for example as Vanessa Newcombe was ill at the time.

I will also look at other playlists that show what is possible with video to promote and relate to cultural events. Joseph Parsons has extended his 2017 tour from 2016 but still seems to be based in Topsham and Launceston. Sound of the Sirens are at the Phoenix soon and there is an excellent recent video from the Exeter Cathedral.

With Tubers now in Exeter there is increased interest in how online video can work. At a low level the issues are just about lighting and sound. The hustings video clips were with a hand held camera relying on the excellent sound and lighting provided. The Boat Shed could be a good base for more interviews and performances over the summer. Maybe there could be a space to store a tripod and other resources.

Issues that came up include access to broadband. Perhaps we should just accept that in Devon this happens at different rates. We have a very wide variety of acccess. But this could result in an interesting situation for amending content into different formats.

The clips are all with Creative Commons so they can be reused. Could there be more content like this? Content marketing is another aspect but the theory depends on actual content.

Mainstream media now supply clips to YouTube and other outlets. Newspapers also work with video. So there is a wide variety of content available. News and culture reporting can be part of the same developments. So much to discuss in how Devon as a locality can relate.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Reboot of blog ahead of Culture Hustings at Boat Shed

As far as I can remember this blog is fairly neutral from politics point of view. I will try to be balanced in covering the Hustings at Boat shed in Exeter for Devon County Council elections. Seems a good time to look at how content and cloud can work out as local media. I know the Bike shed Theatre plan to try out a building near the Quay over the summer so I guess the Hustings are a stage towards this.

Topics that interest me still include Creative Commons and local cable. When Exeter TV was proposed the model was USA law that any TV cable has to have a local option. Jeremy hunt was genuinely enthusiastic about this but not much seems to have happened. TV still important so an update would be interesting.  Creative Commons is still not well understood. If chosen as an option on YouTube for example than the clip can be mixed with something else.

I hope to find enough content to start a playlist on YouTube. If Creative Commons then there can be an edit with highlights. This clip from the Phoenix a while ago.

Also found a phone vid, other link suggestions welcome.

I guess video will be allowed at the hustings. Suggest tags are announced so that it can all be found together.

Meanwhile the Tubers studio is a great resource for Exeter. I am still working on how to combine the green screen and the area around the river and canal where soon the sun will provide lighting and video production will be quite cheap. The Boat Shed could be a useful resource as a place to store a tripod . Maybe even more production resource, not sure what they have in mind. With Jon Mahy I did some clips in the Bike Shed the last two summers. Lighting is an issue so the outdoors may solve this but some resource still needed as backup.

Video link suggestions welcome, especially to expand scope towards balance.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Adding tags to YouTube clips #13SWMA for example

This post is to show how to add tags. The occasion is the forthcoming South West Music Awards. I want to encourage people to use #13SWMA. Should be ok but needs some explanation. (The order is like this to avoid confusion with the Supporting Working Moms Act) The example in the screenshots is just to add the suggested tag to another video, about how to find Blackwells bookshop. but this should be enough as a guide. Start with the list of videos, then click the edit button
Then in edit, look for the tags. These are used in a search, so can be the same as for Twitter or Facebook. In this case thjere is a suggested tag official for Exeter University.
See detail
So if you have some video for the current South West Music Awards, please add the tag #13SWMA . From last year #SWMA12. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

This was posted to Posterous but seems to be lost. May turn up later. Relevance to wifi Exeter could be when finding a CD is impossible and mp3 download is the only option. Maybe years away.


 I'm not quite sure what will happen tomorrow so design takes the form of readiness for various options. Chris is returning but has asked me to do the first half hour, 10 - 10.30. The Storyteller is away this week and next on some sudden festival bookings so I have offered to take over. I think there should be some stories and have found him on YouTube. But the main event is Soul Sessions Volume Two, available as a CD next Monday for the UK. Most of it is on YouTube already or at least a few tracks. I mentioned this on an internal Phonic email list and I think someone may turn up who understands how to play vinyl. It may sound obvious but requires some extra bits of kit. How many actual records will appear I don't know. The tracks go back to the '60s so I think eventually a lot of links will be discovered.

 Bill Bradley has made one error I think. Joss Stone was born in Dover but he was probably not phoning her "Dover home". Why this kind of music comes from Devon is still a bit of a mystery but the facts will sink in eventually. All we need is a credible narrative. This extract is a start-

 Who are some of your influences? When I was really young I liked a lot of female vocalists. My parents’ music collection was what I had, so they luckily have really good taste. My dad liked the Specials and Linton Kwesi Johnson, and he had a James Brown record that I stole. And my mom liked the big singers — Anita Baker, Whitney Houston, Melissa Etheridge. I really like emotion in music. Without emotion, it’s a bit wasted. 

 Joss told Andrew Marr that Teardrops was the only song on the CD she knew previously. So maybe the style is coming from Anita Baker, I shall try to play some and see how it fits. JD will turn up about ten so there could be some 80s dance. He likes Teardrops but I think Joss is trying to take the style of this back in time. I will get in some country as well. Also hope to talk about the Any High Street show at RAMM. The promotion / rights access on music is not the same as with gallery images. Discussion could take a long time and an hour and a half is not that long for music.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Linking to other video, way forward for RGB #EX1to4

I have come to realise that linking to other video is one very good option for Rougemont Glogal Broadcasting. On Sunday afternoon I did get to Princesshay in time for the ISCA Wheelchair Dancers. I loaded one clip within a couple of hours. There may be others later but I am waiting on seeing other clips. There were several cameras in Bedford Square. Today I find other video of the actual Torch I have started to llook at a viewer for all my RGB clips combined with others. It seems a fair way to go provided viewers can find the original and the context. The choice of sequence is largely up to the viewer I think. You can go off route at an point but the next one is the ISCA Wheelchair Dancers.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Radio, PR, Podcasting as topics for #likeminds in Exeter and Wild Show on Phonic FM

Next week I will be at #likeminds on the Friday but will concentrate on the Wild Show for Thursday. the broadcast is from 10 to 12 but we follow with coffee and a sort of plan for the future. Probably we will have aq guest to talk about a book and Chris will meet them at Central Station. So I will start the show and can mention anything about #likeminds that seems to fit in. Over the weekend I will try to video Chris and the ISCA Wheelchair dancers. They are part of the Olympic torch events in Princesshay. Chris also has some clips from his i-phone which need a bit of an edit but we are not yet sure how to do this on YouTube. So our level of production is fairly low. I notice several comments on the Whatleydude blog about connecting social media and television. But this seems to be coming from an established tv point of view. We do have a broadcast radio but it is made up of little bits that exist in other forms as well. When it falls over we go back to txt. I speak for myself of course. I don't know if there will be a lunch meeting in the Phoenix on Thursday as part of #likeminds but if radio fits the agenda we will be not far away after about ten past 12. On Friday I hope to attend the masterclass on podcasting. We are using Soundcloud but maybe not as well as we might. It tends to be either complete shows or else short dlips. Grouping as a podcast is not something we try much. In general I hope to find out more about PR or a theory of PR that allows for social media access to events and content. The Creative Commons approach is still not well understood I find. I am sort of reverse engineering PR theory back from where I would like it as a video blogger. There must be an explicit theory somewhere. Copied from will789gb on Posterous as this seems to be slow at the moment

Monday, May 14, 2012

Wifi in Exeter suggests new forms of theatre

Because Posterous has slowed down today I am putting this post into Wifi Exeter. It seems a bit relevant as I think my form of writing assumes some wifi in Exeter or at least web access sometime the same day. Gripping Yarns happened over the weekend, some short monologues performed at the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. Last month there were writing workshops which I attended. I also wrote the beginning of a script but I could not attend the later workshops. The character was loosely based on myself and spoke about memory of the giraffe in the area now a cafe, the use of augmented reality to recreate the giraffe when viewed from the gallery and the extra performance won in a competition but about to happen offstage. I thought it was ok and the only prop needed was a tray with a QR code. Google Doc version. So this was designed to be recorded as video then linked to other video from virtual animation. On the actual day I was not allowed to do video but there was a phone camera as part of a performance. There was also a play about "Cameron Corporation" in which the Cloud did not come over very well. Mostly the web was presented as a way for corporations to steal content from the public and impose groupthink. My own guess is that social media would come over better in museums and the legitimate theatre if the people involved actually used it a bit more. There is permission to photo the long term exhibits at RAMM. So I did some of the new giraffe creations. I don't think there was much connection with Ghostwriter. I plan to have another look at Tales of Things. My sense of place could get vaguer but engagement levels could improve.

more on Topophobia, public realm, architecture. Gallery Jitters

( reposted from will789gb on Posterous, seems to be very slow today) Casual browsing finds some more on Topophobia So I think it is a fair question to ask about if there is anything positive at all, just possibly, about online. Previous post today on Tumblr but I can't get the hang of it. more on Topophobia, public realm, architecture. Gallery Jitters Started there to follow Spaces Review Group but now can't quite find it. Central St Martins has recently moved to King's cross where there are some impressive water features centred on the canal. I am reminded of the Exeter Forum. My theory is that virtual worlds have had a deeper influence for longer than is often supposed. Space design in the last decade seems to be trying to imitate an online situation where space is unlimited. But iun reality the function can get lost I think. For example a campus without a bookshop. Anyway, sorry going off topic. Please suggest some academic language on why research universities need to invest in architecture at this time.