Monday, June 29, 2009

The music from Beer At The Castle will take a while to sort out so meanwhile here are some links-

Barnfield Music Club

Alex Cross

Kerry Brux


Cole Stacey

Mel Rout

The Old Porch Band


Exmouth Shantymen

Can't find Dave Wood so it fits in that he did not want to be recorded.

Cole Stacey will be at Dukes during Sidmouth.

Can't find Grandmas's Living Room. they will be at the Castle in July with Spin2 and The Pyrates. Any clues welcome if they would like a link.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

YouTube updated with some talk from the Beer At The Castle event. It is getting closer to being a chat show. Probably it will have to be recreated over time. There is a lot of music to come later but it will take time to edit. There is a tape from the sound mixing desk but not sure where the sound is that different or what to do with it. Need to find some help on this. Best tradition of chat shows, the music comes at the end of the post.

Guy Wadsworth explains what the Castle is about and mentions another event in July when the music will include Spin 2, previously seen in the Castle through the wonders of Photoshop.

Carl Munson talks about a radio show on Phonic FM. He would allow a video camera to attend one Thursday morning. This could be a chance to follow up the discussion below with Simon Egan on music and visual art. Is there a viable way to offer some of it free online? Why is it more likely with music than visual art?

Towards the end Simon also talks about the beer.

The music loaded so far is only a sound check. More later.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Today is day two of Beer At The Castle and already I have loaded a video from yesterday. This is about as fast as news can happen I think. then there is the time for the audience to find it. Possibly by next year YouTube will be contributing to publicity for this event.

This video came from an AVI from a stills camera. There is video on tape but this takes a while to edit. Maybe months. But a lot of the music could be on there.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Previously I did some photo merging with backgrounds from the castle and Spin2 who were busking in the High Street the same day. They are not part of the official beer fest but on their MySpace page it says they will be at the FireHouse this evening. Not far away.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The NME has found the video but a bit late to help publicity much.

This year is just a test for next year really, it is never too soon to try to work out where it went wrong.
The House of commons debate on Digital Britain had some interest in the idea of a pilot for local news. There seemed to be a lot of support for Granadaland as a suitable location. Maybe we should benchmark on this. If Ben Bradshaw suggested Exeter was the ideal spot it might lead to comment. So some research in Granadaland could fit in somewhere. The Pyrates have a booking at a festival in Kendal and I am planning a trip to Lancaster. So something will turn up in this blog later.
Shakespeare's Monkey is photographing his coffee cup. Image covered by Creative Commons so could be printed out.
Thinking about a beer festival as a section of unusual time. One of the papers I do not yet understand is by Michel Foucault about Heterotopias or alternative spaces. He also mentions "heterochronies" slices of time they may be linked to. somehow this connects with learning theory and web design, unless I am just adding in my own take on an academic scene.

The actual event could be more like a fairground. The museum aspect may take over with the video edit.
Tuesday night was interesting. More reasons why news online can be slow. The mix of editing and/or getting permission for images takes a while. And events are not that clear when and if they happen. At The Shed in Princesshay there was the official launch of the art exhibit but it has been announced and postponed a couple of times previously so almost nobody was there till the end. I did take some photos but not sure yet whether to use them. The idea is for a talk about art with images in the shot. The stills could be used with people or avatars from somewhere else but maybe something else will happen tomorrow. Meanwhile here is a photo of a beer glass. Lager fans who find the lager has run out at Beer At The Castle may venture towards Princesshay. I think the galleries at the castle will be closed.

Later I went to an open mic at the Tiggas Bar. Hum has left Exeter at the moment so I will have to ask him later about image rights. I think it will be ok to use his work from MySpace. Sound seems ok on the video but not sure if people want this public. I will check next week or when they turn up next. Photo of David Gedrych meanwhile, video could be later.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have loaded some updated notes to Scribd

Notes for Chatshow during beer At The Castle

Thing is I am not sure how much of this will actually be discussed by Saturday. Not enough preparation or notice. So I am now thinking about it as a test and some of the discussion will continue. The music video could suffer from poor sound for example. But the performers will turn up somewhere else later so there could be a link. Sidmouth Folk Week is another sort of timeframe. Interviews could be in Exeter during the morning. Buses to Sidmouth early afternoon are in time for much of the music. So another question is the times for buses to return. Will there be any late night buses as arranged a couple of years ago? Anyway this is off topic for the moment.

Scribd is more urgent as a topic. The reputation in UK media is as a pirate refuge. Too easy to load stuff up, too well connected for comments and links. But USA publishers have strated to use it for freebies and promotions. Also there is now an option to charge for stuff. Only in the USA however. Swizz or what?

Scribd intends to support EPUB and PDF. Pre-media and publishing could be projects for Exeter. The council may be right to ignore Flash given the 2meg target for the UK as announced by Carter. This is more on topic for this week.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinking more about text and books, it may be more difficult to cover. In Exeter there are two branches of Waterstones in the High Street, both with stock of Sony Reader. Also a Blackwell branch at the university campus but there are no plans for an ondemand book printing device as the site will close soon for redevelopment. Earliest date a couple of years as part of a relaunch. Also I have a cardboard replica of a Kindle. Not available in the UK so why all the fuss?

There has been a slight change with the Apple shop. It seems video is ok if no staff are included. Public statements are best coming from head office. But Princesshay is now to be treated more or less as public space. So you can photograph in the street equivalent.

Maybe we could find some video from somewhere else.

Opinion on what is a text and what should it cost could come from anyone.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Another search later it turns out that BBC content has been reworked for YouTube, with video and subtitles. What is wrong with this? Slicing up the BBC budget to keep keep existing models going is only one option. "Sharing" could mean more of a network that went a bit wider.

Other topics are more or less covered so the scope ccould include more on text, journalism and publishing. Books include images also but it seems to be words that are the basis. The talk around "Digital Britain2 so far has been mostly about how to preserve exisiting structures. Bigger fines for piracy, that sort of thing, today Peter Preston in the Observer suggests that BBC funds should be paid to newspapers for local news and other good work. No mention for bloggers, citizen reporters, funding some slightly better lighting for the average web video or indeed anything at all on the positive aspects of what web technology makes possible. Preston seems rather pleased that the MySpace business model might be losing market share and jobs. Why not look at the business model for OhmyNews? I have been sensing in text stories for a while now but how a similar approach could work with video is still an open question. I am not suggesting that all the stuff on YouTube is great. But a discussion would be useful that included the potential for all citizens to contribute. Most of the coverage and policy seems a bit limited. The idea that closing down BBC free news online would result in a rush of subscriptions for UK newspaper sites only makes sense for people who do not experience the news online from other sources. The UK is quite a small place, not as grand as seen by London media.

Also, whatever happened to the BBC archive? Some time ago there was an idea to make old clips available for a mashup etc. This seems much more sensible than anything recent.

A couple of searches later, it turns out the BBC Creative Archive stopped in 2006 but the Open University still has something.
There is now a post on animX about Breakpoint and John Whitney, both with Youtube clips to explain a bit. So this is a good start for a conversation.

Also I have borrowed a graphic from Ban The Wheel on MySpace. Should be ok as i have tried this before and Hum starts off from music as I understand it. His attitude to copyright is very clear. Hope to meet him during the week.

Trying out embed code from

If you have some black ink in stock, should print ok. During Beer At The Castle the studios will be closed for health and safety reasons so there will not be as much artwork as there could have been. Maybe more graphics will turn up that could be printed out. Originals could be a problem if beer got to spill on them.

Friday, June 19, 2009

This post is about content but I am going to concentrate on animation in animX. this is about video, could be animation but mostly not really. "Compositing" : what is meant by this? Should this blog get confusing best to ask me to clarify during the Beer Festival next Friday and Saturday. Earlier the more sensible, conversation easier to hear before Isambarde go electric.

Breakfast today was free at Spacex, coffee and cakes. No news yet on the size of a new carving. But there are leaflets for EASTvideo, to reach Exeter in August. Video is a bit closer to music on the copyright scale. Closer than still images that is. Permission to photograph an oil painting is not very likely. Better stored away somewhere. But some video is online or a sample could be. Topics to cover include why this is so and is it changing?

Some links so far.

Two Quicktime web pages

Elizabeth McAlpine LIGHT READING Cinematic Explosions

Grace Schwindt The Chair

Some Youtube links, best fit

Patricia Esquivias, Folklore No. 1, 2006

Green Elephants

v kunst review 1

Appendix 2: Chce wyjsc ! Chce wrocic do domu + Warsaw View By Day


Por Convencion Ferrer - A Film by David Jacques (Chapter 1)


Kate Corder

Ursula Mayer Interiors

Laure Prouvost

Other link suggestions welcome.

It seems obvious to me that all this video will be better on a big screen than on however you find YouTube. So the consequence of some of it being public online will be to promote the event at Spacex. That is theory A. Discussion to be continued, possibly on camera but possibly not and not either soon or near.
I have done a very quick video on the new iPhone, available in Exeter. It is an inspiring idea about getting stuff on YouTube quite quickly. things have changed a bit too. It is not forbidden to photograph near Princesshay as was widely believed when it opened. So this has not got any staff opinions in it and should be ok. Links follow as the official explanation of video arrives on YouTube. I have seen a brief demo and it works well. You can select the part of the image to focus on. Editing is just clipping the beginning and end. No titles. But send to YouTube looks fast enough.

How many will be in Exeter for next weekend? Cameras already exist and a few days to edit and load makes not a lot of difference. That is my impression at the moment but things may change.

Also an interview with Jo Gedrych about Exeter TV and several about the Beer Festival.