Thursday, June 28, 2007

It has not been possible to arrange permissions for video at the exhibition by Exeter College currently on Sidwell Streeet opposite the Odeon. This is unfortunate as Life Bytes is so close they might have been persuaded to do some video for Exeter TV. However there may be something ready for next year and there have been some conversations about topics to be included.

Some of the work seems to me to fit with ideas about mass distribution and the potential of digital technology. Tereza Buchlova shows some photos that I think were printed inkjet and also some linocut illustrations for "The Truth", a book by Terry Pratchett. It turns out that two of these have been scaled down to fit the dummy books. The linocuts were scanned, resized and then printed inkjet. It is not easy to see much of a difference except for the colour of the background paper where the inkjet has white edges.

There seems not to be any intention for a limited edition of linocuts. The interest is in the effect as a source for litho printing.

So why not put the digital source of the photos online? The next question is how could this be sustained? This is a discussion to be continued.

Show closes at the end of this week. So you don't have to accept my opinion that the linocut looks much like the inkjet.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Also on Sidwell Street, signs of an art exhibit starting Monday. Looks like work completed during study at Exeter College. I may persuade someone from Exeter TV to visit. Based almost next door at Life Bytes. I could not persuade anyone to visit Spacex during the North. But there is still a possible connection.
Continental food in Sidwell Street is becoming a standard feature of Exeter festivals. this blog is written late Saturday and the market will still be there tomorrow. But if you happen to find this later you may be in time for the Autumn festival which may be much the same, though probably not as wet.

The rain has hardly stopped but I did get out as far as Sidwell Street for some food.
Via Belmont Park, where it was still raining but the museum tent was full. Not sure how this connects with their exhibits but more later.

Friday, June 22, 2007

It seems to me that broadband in Exeter is ok.

There is enough of a base for possibilities to be imagined.

I have put more about this on my MySpace blog

My Space is getting more interesting. Vibraphonic are on there and do send messages about performances, even during the main festival.

The Royal Albert Memorial Museum is also on MySpace, with photos from the Beyond the Frame exhibit. I think they could go further. Put some high res scans on the Web, that sort of thing. But maybe something will develop from discussion on MySpace.

I am not really Bobby Womack by the way. My own name was not available and I thought I was just searching to see who else was there when it turned out that was who I was. I can understand it.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to the Beyond the Frame show. It is much better than I gathered yesterday.

Round the corner from the wonderful frame are some actual photos. Not clearly signed. In the gap on the way out. There are a few sent in by phone or email. But none in the frame as advertised.

If you just invent something in photoshop, email to

Should turn up at Myspace/beyondtheframe

Personally, I am still mostly interested in the landscapes. Spacex showed photos from camera phones as if they were watercolours. Now we are allowed to send user generated content to the Royal Albert. But why is the art archive not on show over the web? And what is the value of gthe photos that do not turn up in a gallery frame?

Couple of finds through a bit of Googling.

Worcester City Museums have a painting, Summer Sea, Newquay by Julius Olsson.

Compares with one in the show.

And the Artfund have a version of a Devonshire valley.

The Artfund is a charity raising money to buy art for the public. So making a reasonably sized scan available online makes a lot of sense.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Not sure what the "Outside the Frame" show is about.

More later. But I still think the museums should put their own stuff on the web as well as expecting new work from the public.

I was not allowed to photograph anything at the Royal Albert during Animated Exeter although the landscape theme would have fitted in to the Tim Brennan events at Spacex. I was allowed to photograph the Blind Ditch occasion at the Phoenix.

So I'm not sure how much can be photographed before August although there is plenty of time.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

It seems there could be something on YouTube ahead of most events.

This for Varttina. The Corn Exchange is previously St George's Hall.

There is a search result for Wistman's Wood but this has not much to do with the support act.

They will be at the Globe on 4th July. Maybe video will appear. Not sure many people read this blog anyway but there is a model here for promoting live performance.

Wistman's wood do have sound on Myspace.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Wizz Jones sang Song for Woody at the Globe last night. There may be video later for the people scared away by the rain. Meanwhile here is a version on YouTube. There was some spare space so further publicity needed ahead of Wistman's Wood on 4th July. More on this later.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Moebius Surfing now has some stills from the Second Life version of the Venn Festival in Bristol. According to the Xstream page there will be more on Second Life in November. Archive of Venn will turn up soon.

Meanwhile in Exeter live acoustic guitar is still very popular. Wizz Jones is at the Globe on Friday with Spin2, see YouTube for recent performance.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Another video from the Globe, Spin 2

Coming soon, two or three cameras and a lighting techie.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What a difference a "Z" makes.

I have spent a good twenty minutes searching to no avail based on the spelling from the Globe website- Wiz Jones. I am now pretty sure there are two "Z"s, based on the official site

Note the date 15th June. Promoted by the Exeter Newtown Performance Appreciation Society (ENPAS). It is not enough just to drink beer. You have to buy a ticket. £5 on the door.

Through the miracle of YouTube it is possible to sample Wizz Jones before the event.

Meanwhile in Bristol, there is use of wifi in real time. Bristol Wireless and Psand are involved in the Xtream project to stream performances from the Venn Festival. This is on tonight and tomorrow. In Exeter things move a little bit slower.

Full disclosure, I am on the ENPAS committee and often suggest there should be some more video. The existing YouTube selection for Wizz Jones is pretty good though so not easy to improve on.

Not off topic for a blog about wi-fi. One aim is to link up media and performance and audiences. Using stuff that someone else has already done is one way to start.