Thursday, February 25, 2010

Do they mean us?

The wonders of Twitter include finding out what is going on just around the corner. During Animated Exeter I became aware of the Exeter City Centre Manager and then became a follower. This week it turns out there is a major event in Exeter around social networking. Friday lunchtime at various places not too far from Queen Street. From the Twitter feed so far it seems people or on trains or heading this way. I had no idea. Checked in the Tourist Information and they were surprised as well.

We are like minds, apparently media experts and brand builders. So my question would be how this can continue between visits? Is there a local base? Found an explanation published in Plymouth but still not sure what happens closer.

Story so far on this blog. Intel survey reveals Exeter as a wifi capital for the UK, the highest proportion of hotspots to population. Actually mostly IT games devices in pubs, ask the bar staff for the reality of how often they are used. But anyway the point is there was a UK headline event, then not a lot to follow up.

Will the RDA be there? I have been encouraged to venture to Bristol for the barcamp on apps for mobiles. But the RDA on a wander through the high street in case the social awareness is of global connectedness? Not sure this happens that often.

This recent Animated Exeter there was no problem in explaining what YouTube is. Long ago there was an issue that Exeter City Council support for Flash was limited. Not that wasting time on status updates is what people should be doing all day long but on the other hand culture events can benefit from a few links. Maybe people now find out about YouTube at home.

Meanwhile Rougemont Global Broadcasting continues on a small scale. The Rose Bond clip from the castle is now in double figures for views. Maybe i should relaunch it as a social networking example, with the video as just one aspect.

I will try to get some pictures tomorrow lunchtime. There could be a breakout session in the Firestation.

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