Saturday, December 24, 2011

Otis playlist may not reach Phonic this year but still be in the cloud later

Phonic FM still relies on the Compact Disc (CD) and usb sticks etc.

One day there will be seamless real time methods for presenters to upload from home.

But meanwhile there may be some gaps. I have tried to find ways to upload songs from Otis etc but copyright is an issue. Seems ok through YouTube so you will ahve to click through or diveret to something else.

Happy holidays

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exeter Cathedral and Billy Bragg - Free University / Tent City

So far there is no video from last week when Billy Bragg visited Occupy Exeter at the Cathedral.

So here arer a couiple of links from St PAuls, Tent City University. Next year there will be more connections, some through cut and paste in Photoshop.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Museum opens this week, remembering Prince Albert

My guess is that Prince Albert would now be on Soundcloud and a frequent visits to Berlin. But apparently it was Queen Charlotte who introduced the Christmas tree to the UK. Stan Hacking claimed last night that most of the audience had the wrong answer.

I hope there will be more technology around the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. I did a talk with some display as part of the millenium exhibition Script to Print to Hypertext. The Hypertext was a small proportion at that time. The notes for my talk need an update but the issues are still a reasonable place to start.

I have found a couple of PDF files in my backup system and uploaded them to Scribd. More later.

Text to Print to Hypertext PDF download from website for Millenium Show at RAMM Exeter

Text to Print to Hypertext PDF download from website for Millenium Show at RAMM Exeter


Notes for talk during Script to Print to Hypertext at RAMM 2000

Notes for talk during Script to Print to Hypertext at RAMM 2000

Monday, December 05, 2011

This week also in London, tent city university library via Twinity in Exeter

Not sure how this week will work out. I am in London on Thursday but this is also the day for the Wild Show on Phonic FM so I may pre record something or phone in. Or edit bits together in the future. Live radio is not what it was, mostly prerecorded or listened again anywaqy.

I am interested in the idea of a university as part of the tents outside St Pauls and Exeter Cathedral. In Exeter there is now a library tent as well. I have started to mix photos of Twinity spaces and reality. So more during this week if I can get to the right places.

My request for the Wild Show - Magic Bus by the Who. Chris not born in 1970 so he may need persuading.

As far as I know Exeter campus will still lose the bookshop in April when the new buildings are open. So the Exeter Riddle 2012 is

If a university campus is better without a bookshop, what is the rationale for a library?

Even starting to answer this involves the cloud. There are many alternative worlds, some of them close together. I think something like this is part of the Blast Theory when the museum reopens. Some sound may turn up on the Wild Show before too long.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Creative Commons and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

After sending the DCMS a link to the interviews with Dan Jarvis MP I am told that there is support for Creative Commons on the Flickr site where DCMS photos appear.

The policy mentions that there should be attribution for any phoptos that appear on the DCMS website. However not every photo on Flickr is Creative Commons. Jeremy Hunt at the Eden Project is "all rights reserved". Maybe this will change or permission could be given for this blog to use it.

then you may find it.

Hugh Robertson 'shows his socks' in aid of Help for Heroes

code copied above should show Hugh Robertson and his socks. This one definitely Creative Commons. Also it will interest Dan Jarvis and the Labour Friends of the Forces.

If you want content to be reused or linked to, then a Creative Commons licence makes this clear.

The policy on Creative Commons for YouTube may not have been updated as the option is only recent. But it is custom and practice to embed YouTube in blogs, probably part of YouTube conditions.

Broadcast TV is only one option. Online video and social media are also possible. This would work best with a flexible approach to the reuse of content.

The DCMS has issued a report on education in response to Next Gen. The PDF is at this link.

The PDF has an "Open Government Licence" so the thinking around this relates to Creative Commons.

Lokking at a site such as The Internet Archive might be interesting in schools. The discussion around Creative Commons continues.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dan Jarvis MP - the Tweets from Bristol Wireless

So far not a lot of views for Dan Jarvis MP on YouTube but my plan is to stay near the front of the results for a search on Dan and Jarvis. Should work out even if we have to link to many examples of south west culture.

Thanks for retweets @cllrmartin and wood5y from Bristol Wireless

My next plan is to check out all the links he suggests, copied here in case Twitter replaces them with something more recent

( By the way when I met him at #likeminds @cllrmartin turns out to be very supportive of Exeter in general including Exeter Council IT Department, most public figures, and local media including the Express and Echo. So even though there are the occasional concerns, there may also be some developments)

wood5y Steve Woods
@will789gb public sector knows the mantra #opensource, #openstandards, #opendata but has yet to show much action on all 3.
22 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@will789gb @BristolCouncil @DanJarvisMP @CllrPaul4Cowick UK ought to adopt US stance; if public money involved, work is public property.
22 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@will789gb PS: have you heard of the Open Government Licence?…
22 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@will789gb of course, @BristolWireless shows the way. "This site’s content is covered by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike licence."
22 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@will789gb @BristolCouncil's stuff on Flickr is covered by copyright, not Creative Commons.
22 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@dorristheloris thanks for the info.
23 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
£1bn cheap labour fund announced by government for their corporate pals via @guardian
23 hours ago

wood5y Steve Woods
@dorristheloris @guriben do TPS outfits operate on co-operative principles?…
23 hours ag

Friday, November 25, 2011

Creative Commons Interest after Visit to Exeter and Bristol by Dan Jarvis MP

Shadow Culture Minister Dan Jarvis MP is soon to launch a report on culture and cultural industry in the regions. Yesterday he visited Animated Exeter and Sound Gallery and later the Watershed in Bristol. He was a guest on the Wild Show at Phonic FM, situated in the basement of the Exeter Phoenix, close to Sound Gallery.

The Wild Show is presented by Chris Norton. I am often a guest and sometimes present when Chris is away. We both rely on JD who keeps the technology in order and sometimes takes us back to '80s dance music. Yesterday Chris forgot to cue up a record so invited me to add some questions. So there are two clips on YouTube.

Off air I had a conversation with Exeter Councillor Paul Bull who is interested in Creative Commons. I had asked Dan Jarvis why he did not use Creative Commons on his Flickr account. Later I met Paul Bull in the Phoenix bar and he agreed to record a short clip.

So there could be more content from public figures with a Creative Commons licence. It would make it clear that reuse is welcomed.

The clips above are on a Creative Commons licence for YouTube. The lighting is terrible but the sound is ok. There will soon be a Soundcloud recording as broadcast through the Wild Show page on Facebook. Please link to the Wild Show.

Previously, at #likeminds 2010 Joanne Jacobs spoke about Creative Commons during a discussion in a cinema where the lighting was even worse than the Phonic studio. She agreed to repeat her contribution at the Exeter Conference Centre.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

WiFi Exeter ok for broadcast

On my Posterous blog I have linked to YouTube where there are two clips together showing a result from iPhone in Phoenix bar over free wifi. Chris Norton tried this out after the Wild Show this week

This is not entirely new on the planet, but it is news for me. This is evidence thaqt wifi Exeter is more or less up to speed.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kouatchou videos not a technology test, to be continued for Heavitree and Spin 2

I will keep video updates in this blog, even when there is not much tech involved.

August Bank Holiday Monday now a while ago but editing takes time and my idea is to get more loaded in time for next year. YouTube is very slow to reach an audience but it gradually helps the events that repeat.

Kouatchou was part of the Open Mic but met Spin 2 during the sound check. Two of them joined him for one song and then he joined them later with the song again. There was no rehearsal as such. I found a previous performance on YouTube

so this shows the song with voice and guitar.

Open Mic version

version when all of Spin 2 have arrived

I hope more comes out of this. Future Open Mic Bank Holiday Mondays could result in more mixing and it may continue through the winter.

Video Edits and Lighting show new possibilities with wifi communication

This is possibly a suitable blog for this post. I don't want to start too many of them. Wifi is still not ready for video or at least phones are not likely to cope with the size of files. The cameras in phones are getting better but I am still using my very reliable Kodak Zi8 with a little card I take home to a desktop. Suppose a file is 150 to 300 megs. Is that in the limits of a phone contract? Coming up soon in Exeter is #likeminds, a good time for experiment. Some people visiting will have the kit. Last year the hardware on display was mostly phone cameras. Not that #likeminds is a hardware show of course.

But sometime in the next couple of years it will be possible to upload web video from a phone and have a reasonable result.

In the last few days I have noticed some changes in web editing online. I found a link to WeVideo and then looked again at YouTube. WeVideo started in Norway with education and is now launching from California for a wider public. It is a cloud editing service but also a social network. I have not tried out sharing clips yet but can see how it would work. Actually I find it a bit difficult still. It is not obvious that you have to request an email validation and then activate YouTube etc before you can either export to YouTube or get a notification. I tried to exsport to the WeVideo YouTube channel and the site itself but these may be in a queue somewhere. Anyway tst1 has turned up on YouTube

This is just two clips put together. (I followed Kev to the Amber Rooms after the St Sidwells Community Centre Open Day. Sound systems very important for video when you rely on the camera mike.)

Another example, adjusted for lighting with Kodak Media Impression

(possibility to edit reggae clips with other forms of music)

It has taken me a while to realise that lighting can be adjusted in an edit. But WeVideo and similar sites can make this more obvious.

So then I looked at YouTube, also claiming to offer online editing but I had not tried it recently.

Again they offer a "Fill Light" option. Summertime set to 4 just a moment ago. Yesterday I tried it on The Girl from Ipanema

Previously very hard to see

The idea of cloud video editing has been around for a while. But it is getting closer to somewhere nearby.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Blackwells updates web site, is Exeter ahead of the curve?

The Bookseller reports that Blackwells have put more features on the website.

M.d. of Blackwell bookshops, David Prescott, said: "This is the first of a number of exciting developments we have planned for our online bookshop for the coming months. We have listened to customer feedback and made improvements to the website to reflect Blackwell's reputation as the UK's leading academic, professional and specialist bookseller. By harnessing the expertise of our team of booksellers in Oxford and across the company on the website, we can now offer the same level of service and knowledge you would expect from a Blackwell's bookshop in store and online."

Jessica Armishaw, head of online, added: "It is about improving the customer experience in a number of ways and at the same time we wanted to move into a place online where we differed from our competitors and went back to our core values in the academic and specialist book niche."

So Exeter University may survive without a bookshop. There is much to discuss in the new term.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video around Heavitree Holiday Celebration August Bank Holiday Monday

I have done an advert for this event

and there are more conenctions turning up. Samba Marcianas were in Coburg recently and there are two clips on YouTube.

also Spin 2 have their own clips, better editing from the Globe.

Stripey will not be in Heavitree this year. He is in Poland on tour. But here is a track from his CD. Details on YouTube.

The Open Mic is still open but bookings are filling up fast. I went to the Oddfellows yesterday and they may turn up in the park. Also some people may continue at the Oddfellows in the evening. The lighting there is terrible so the open air is better for video I think.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Heavitree as prototype for Exeter events

The relevance of Heavitree Bank Holiday Monday for "wifi Exeter" could be the wider use of online video to promote and extend events. In essence the message is fairly easy to get over. August Bank Holiday Monday again, same place as last time. So in theory more complex messages are possible with less than a year to load the video ahead of the next occasion.

#likeminds last year showed a Nokia phone and Kodak camera. I still think there is an issue with file sizes, video can be 300 megs or so. But maybe wifi can cope. More on this when #likeminds is in Exeter. Somebody will know of an example somewhere.

For now, loading video ahead of an annual cycle is making most sense.

Spin 2 and advert for Heavitree Holiday Celebration on YouTube

Spin 2 will be in Heavitree Pleasure Ground again this Bank Holiday Monday. I have posted another clip to YouTube. The quality is not HighDef but it is nine minutes long and still loads ok.

Also an advert for the event on Bank Holiday Monday. There may be several cameras this year so we may swap enough for a better edit. Sound ok and this should continue.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

I am shocked at the idea of a university without a bookshop. This may seem a bit strange after years of raving on about ebooks and wifi. But there is such a thing as balance. There could be more wifi and still something of a bookshop on the Exeter university campus.

But on a recent visit I found that Exepose, the student newspaper that can also be found through exepose,com , continues a campaign to object to the proposals for an online resource rather than a bookshop when the central retail part of the campus is open again in 2012. I was not sure that there might be some speculation in their reporting, even some alarm to get interest from readers. But they have sent me a press release from the Communication Manager - Corporate Services and it seems to be genuine.
The new Forum Shop ‘The Market Place’ will provide computer access for students to order books online and will provide a delivery and collection point for the service.

This will replace the current bookshop facility on campus and is expected to be introduced in January 2012.

There is even confidence that this is an improvement

Jilly Court, Deputy Director of Campus Services said, “Although the teams involved recognise the anxiety based around the changes in the mode of delivery of this service; it is certain that the new service will continue to serve the needs of research and education without detriment to the student experience.”

She added “We are very excited by the new retail zone in the Forum; The Market Place, which will deliver a whole new range of goods for the students and staff, one of which will be a focussed book service to meet the needs of the academic community in the future".

Apparently tenders are invited to provide the new service, which will also include a physical supply of set texts at the beginning of academic terms.

Well now, speculating, the tender list may include Waterstones and Blackwells. Blackwells had a campus bookshop before the improvements started. Waterstones have two shops in the city centre. Where did this decision come from? Have Blackwells or somebody else on this possible tender list already indicated whether or not a campus bookshop is a suitable investment at this time? There has been comment about HMV and the current Exeter stock of recorded music is not as comprehensive as it was. Will there be two Waterstones in the future?

After the London Book Fair before last Blackwells tried out an instant book machine on Charing Cross Road. Actually 24 hours usually to produce a paperback from any PDF or other digital source. There is now no chance of this happening in an Exeter Blackwells but something like it could be considered. there will always be some demand for hard copy. Maybe WH Smith could arrange something with local digital print companies? The discussion has to include local interests of all kinds.

A couple of other thoughts. What is this improvement about? I had thought that a bookshop was a central feature of a university. The campus space is now dramatic but has less in it. Who will this attract? And if there is no need for a bookshop why do they need a library? Going digital could solve all the problems of short supply. sudden return requests during the holidays etc that are also described in Exepose. Is there a plan about all this or is it just a surprise once the campus returns to normal after being a building site?

Don't get me wrong. Wifi is the future but is not just to be stumbled upon. Blended learning now has research backing so the book as in paper has to be part of the mix.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

There is now enough wifi in Exeter to make a case for a map. I have started a Google doc with just the basics. Apple in Princesshay, Central Library and Phoenix. This is most of the original RGB loop. The cathedral area is less so I think. I have shown where the BT box was on South Street. I think it was an SPCK shop on the corner near the Well House that had wifi for a while. But not too much history, need to show the other spots as of now. Mostly free, but BT may be needed as a lot of people subscribe.

If you would like to add something please let me know and I will send an invite.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YouTube on mobile devices seems to be getting more probable. The Barcelona news is about another couple of billion prospects. Personally I still have an ancient Nokia device that just makes phone calss and text. But video is better distributed so the cameras will follow. Apparently wifi helps with large files.

So at some point Exeter City Council may support Flash or some other form of video. Maybe there are more urgent priorities for limited funds but I think some sort of video policy is relevant, even if it is just to link to somewhere else. This is the first animated Exeter with a Facebook page that I have found. There are links to video but you don't have to click on them. Maybe Exeter City Council should do more of this sort of thing.

I find that online virtual worlds such as second Life and Twinity are beyond my resources at home. I don't have the right graphics card. So LifeBytes was really useful once upon a time and now St Sidwells will allow Twinity on occasions. They also support Youtube though volume is an issue, normally turned down for other people in the area. Exeter City Council staff or councillors curious about YouTube? Head for St Sidwells.

Back to Twinity. I have put some photos on Flickr. Captions later. These can explain what is possible. Video from Twinity also possible but needs lots of memory and some camera skill. Getting ready for bandwidth later.

Animated Exeter is a showcase for Exeter content. But it would be even better with web content that was not static.