Monday, January 04, 2010

More about local news. Not sure if this is the right blog but "wifi Exeter" has tended to be about anywhere there is wifi. Exeter may be similar but out of time. News is that there will be tests of the local tv news approach for ITV. These will be in Scotland, Wales and North East England. Most interest seems to be in Scotland. Media Guardian has nothing in print today but who knows when it was written? The BBC have most detail and there is also a report from Media Week.

I missed the news about the invitation to tender or where the pilots are to be. So far there is nothing about using the input from social media to augment the impact of local TV. By the way is "local" the whole of Scotland for example?

I missed the Coldplay concert in Exeter as I was in Granadaland for the holidays. Snowscape very seasonal but it continued when life was supposed to return to normal. Checking Youtube shows that the Coldplay event was well reported. The South West could be a test of how local news works with YouTube etc. Nothing yet on Ian Anderson in the cathedral or Spin2 on New Year's Eve. I may be getting too local for the equivalent of a Bristol studio but YouTube can be flexible.

Anyone reading this in Scotland? Swap observations over 2010? What chance the ITV budget could reach the public and allow for better editing etc. ? What sort of difference will the experiment make?

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