Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am thinking about the Phoenix Digital Art scheme. There is a £750 budget as well as other support. Most of what I do is extension of blogging but maybe it could be art. I have found an online explanation of how MoMA New York has "acquired" the asperand - aka @.

Still thinking about #likeminds and Exeter. I feel disjointed as if it all happened in another place. Without a suitable piece of kit I cannot connect.Both Gowalla and Foursquare allow you to login to their site from the web but I don't think you can show where you are. I find that a netbook over 24 months or a phone over eighteen months could be within the £750. A few problems with this. Would they like the idea of blowing almost all the budget on kit? Also it is supposed to be a six months project. So what would the Phoenix do with the phone for the rest of the contract? I think the phone is more likely as some sort of geo positioning needs to be built in.

Argument number one - there could be a high number of @ produced.

More generally, text is enough to link to other stuff. I encourage Creative Commons because usually other people do things better than I do. So for art that links to social media the limited buget for outputs may not be a problem.

A couple of examples. I spoke to Damien Houston from the Wheely Saying something radio show on Phonic about Fieldworks by Juliet Robson. This is from last year but there are Flick photos. Why not do some photos from wheelchairs around Exeter? Earlier today I got a tweet about photos of slum dogs in India. What about the dogs in Exter? Or anywhere else. Of course we do not need location based social media to take photos. But it may add something.

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