Monday, March 01, 2010

Searching blogs for more on LikeMinds. This from John Bell-
Exeter UK is a hidden gem. Okay, hidden form me perhaps. Two and a half hours outside of London, who would have guessed that such a cool little town existed. It is a place that you could actually imagine living in (if you have kids) and you can actually buy stuff there as well. @scottgould and @drewellis did a great job of luring us all there and John Harvey aka @exeterccm - the City Centre Manager was a terrific host.

John Bell works for Ogilvy PR and teaches graduate studies in Digital Influence at Johns Hopkins University. So it is great that he has visited Exeter and may do again. But I have a bit of a disconnect as I don't really know who in Exeter will be continuing this conversation round the year. I miss LifeBytes as an internet resource and social connection. It might have more support if it existed at this time when the case for social media is better understood.

Also Flickr photos can be found. No complaints yet about my borrowing photos from Twitter for my own versions. So I am still thinking about Rougemont Global Broadcasting as social communication rather than pure video. What this actually means is going back to text, some of it in very short chunks, and linking to other people. They won't mind. Trust me, I'm a blogger.

See Whatleydude blog for map of where Exeter is.

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