Tuesday, March 23, 2010

This post may claim to be about content but is an extension of the wifi Exeter idea. (Possibly some animation later but meanwhile the Aninexeter blog is off topic often enough).

The Phoenix is offering some funds for a digital experiment so I am thinking of what might fit. Trying to understand how online learning happens, it seems to relate to comparisons through time and space. There is something by way of script or process that is similar enough online and offline. Enough for some sort of feedback and connection. Script implies fiction, but not always. Leave that open till I understand the scope of the application form a bit better.

The #likeminds ideas are still sinking in. I tried out Gowalla and FourSquare. Location based and although there are websites they seem to assume you have a phone with location sensing built in. My guess is this is still rare in Exeter unless there are a crowd of visitors. Conference Centre on Queen Street still scoring high for Gowalla visits.

I checked with the New Horizon coffee shop on Longbrook Street and St Sidwell's. Both have web access but no positioning as far as I can tell. Still this would work with Twitter if you just needed to know when to meet. Sometimes there is web access at the Phoenix, a minimal Mac in the Imaginary Lounge. So there could be three locations to try out even before suitable devices are widely available. The spots could be imagined as other spots. This is what is beginning to make sense for me. I have thought about a walk for example on the Lancaster university campus with the InfoLab as a start and the Management School as a challenge to techno claims. Other scenarios are possible.

Looking in Dixons it appears that a laptop with web access is £30 a month on a two year contract. This is most of the budget. What else could you do as an output? Would a phone be cheaper? How long a wait is possible before the contract? I think it is supposed to be a year project.

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