Monday, August 27, 2007

Back in Exeter. Some photos loaded in Flickr and also a video on YouTube of the Cybertent.

You need the photos to see inside the tent.

There are just a couple of photos of the football.

By the way, in the program Dodger explains that it was punk culture that led to the original adventures in Europe after which festival football came to the UK. He writes about "little Englander" TV mentalities, then adds

"Now don't get me wrong, we are not a bunch of hippies. Just because we are democratic and inclusive doesn't mean we are not competitive and don't want to win."

Now don't get me wrong. I am not trying to stir up trouble through wild speculation just because this it is a blog. But the winning team came from Totnes, and they may have hippie supporters.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back in Cullompton. I have got more of ann idea what this is about. In the printed program Dodger explains that about fifteen years ago a football team from Easton in Bristol decided to go to a summer football festival in Stuttgart. So this is an unusual event for the UK, but not UK in origin really. Teams from Belgium and Lithuania but also closer such as Totnes.

The cydertent is more or less like being at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street Exeter except that everything is Linux. The Google apps seem much the same. So Blogger is similar except for the German. The satellite links to an ISP near Frankfurt.

There may be a broadcast later on Radio Vague. The equipment seems to be here but as far as I can tell it is music that the people who work on Radio Vague best understand. Support may be needed in working out some questions about football. Still, could be worth checking later today.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

I'm in Cullompton for the Alternative World Cup. It really is a football event, and other sports as well in ways I don't understand yet. Most teams seem to be from Bristol but others from further away. I found out about it through Bristol Wireless who have a temp internet cafe in a tent. The Psand van with sat dish is parked a few feet away. Most of the year we communicate through email etc. Two summers ago they got to Charmouth for a home education festival - HESFES. You may think it is easy to meet up between Exeter and Bristol but it happens rarely as I find it. Anyway after about half an hour of chat in real time we are back to typing and staring at screens.

I will commute from Exeter I think. Maybe a tent on Saturday.Not sure yet what this is about, except that wifi web access is part of it.

The satellite may not be based in the UK by the way. Blogger has gone into German.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

There is more wifi happening in Bristol. Link here to photos.

More details at Bristol Wireless.

I am in the Sintac web access bit at the back of the arcade on Sidmaout main shopping street. But as the sun is shining and there is an actual beach, posts will wait till a rainy day. Could be sometime next week.