Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Still interested in barcodes or Quick Response codes. Tales of Things continues but there is no clear guidance so I think you can do what you like. Reporting back is important of course. There is a meeting coming up in Edinburgh that could explain a lot. Unfortunately this is a long way away from Exeter. I have an imaginary friend who lives quite close to Edinburgh but I fear he may be somewhere else at the time. I know he is in Exeter a few days earlier. But I may imagine him attending the meeting. This worked very well during the #likeminds occasion.

You can tell that QR codes are a bit futurist for someone stuck in an attic with a desktop computer and full size keyboard. Mobility is not for everyone. But I will get more over the summer.

The meeting seems to be about the "dark side" of technology as well as social networking.
How do you feel about councils tagging wheelie bins in order to monitor what people are throwing out,

They may cover CCTV. I thought about this as a route to cheap video. The city as a set, once we work out what each location represents. But it may be that local authorites have other priorities.

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