Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is a video already on Youtube

The Spacex website shows details of events in Exmouth and Exeter that may be reported as video. Rougemont Global Broadcasting has included events at the castle but probably there are now enough sources for linking to make more sense. I have started two channels - Rougemont Garden Broadcasting that is just about exeter and fairly close ; Rougemont Global broadcasting that includes some tech etc from other places if there is a possible Exeter link.

More on updates later. In theory the links could be to mainstream media. "Social media" is getting vague enough to include video of various kinds.

Meanwhile the Pyrates are at the Firehouse on Saturday. Search Youtube on "pyrates" or "pyratesuk". this social media approach assumes the audience make the moves.
The social media thing is really getting ahead. Haymarket continue to publish Printweek in hard copy (yes this is another blog but some topics are coherent)

But the online aspect of Haymarket is growing.

Wallblog links to based on gowalla and other positioning sites. You can find Exeter on the Google map and there is comment but only a couple as of today. Still you don't need a phone or to check in. You just get the buzz from a desktop.

Maybe I have lost track. Should I get out more?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Solomon Burke

Mama Stones in July.

There may be more video later from the Respect Festival. The idea of using YouTube to promote Exeter events just needs lots of examples. Sometimes easier to use content from other places.

Search YouTube on "Exeter Respect" already finds a few.
I will try out social media in Exeter this week. #likeminds is in Helsinki. In Exeter I miss LifeBytes as a real place. Was on Sidwell Street. Twitter is ok but not the same.

IPEX blog updated. How to relate this to Exeter?

Short posts on Posterous in future. May work ok as a sort of email.

My main topic this week is the Kodak Zi8 camera. Presumably many more cameras like this will appear soon. So clips to YouTube will be a larger scene. Local TV could edit some together but it may not be essential that this happens. The quality is ok.

But some sort of budget is needed. The Respect Festival sort of sold CDs for variable sums of payment. could this work for DVD? needs something for production and editing.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Samba Marcianas-Exeter School of Samba- Exeter Respect 2010

Monday, June 07, 2010

Found this list of links through PMGillard on Twitter.

I think he may be in Cornwall. The list is for artists in Devon. What is happening in Exeter?
The Respect Festival was really good. Belmont Park is quite close to Heavitree. I wonder what folk music is about? This event is getting closer to Sidmouth as a culture. All sorts of music could be folk music somewhere. Attitudes to copyright seem very flexible too. Lots of video some of which will turn up online.

Samba Marcianas and NUMB so far. I have loaded an interview with Phonic and one clip from Bragatanga. this starts with a promotion for the Summer Festival and the Rougemont Gardens.

Why is there not more of this sort of thing? So far as I know Exeter City Council still has reservations about Flash and therefore watching YouTube is not part of the festival promotion routine. Maybe social media should just reflect this anyway. Things move slowly on YouTube so it may take a year to edit and load all material from this Respect in time to promote the next one.

I am still puzzled by the Like Minds event in Exeter. Was it just people from London and Bristol here for the day? The next one is in Helsinki. There could be some sort of benchmark. Real time in real life is not something for which you have to go to Helsinki.

I will be somewhere near St Sidwells later this week if you would like to discuss this post. They have web access so I could do a Tweet with a bit more detail. @will789gb. Topics to include how to develop video as promotion for Exeter events.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Raphael Saadiq still not confirmed for Mama Stones this summer, but YouTube has something recent

Production standards on video may not matter much if the sound is ok. Not complaining about this one obviously.