Monday, February 27, 2006

Jason Frost said...
I can understand cafés and pubs not making a network completely open to anyone in the area, but you'd think there would be more that would include access with purchases.

see comment on previous post

This is a very good suggestion. I think eventually wi-fi will be free. Many cafes offer a free newspaper, obviously you can't read it through the window.

The Southgate Hotel used to be free for wifi. An experiment showed that the signal was weak outside although there was a stronger securely protected signal from the Barcelona.

At the moment the nearest free wifi hotel is in Dawlish.

Meanwhile Philadelphia is about to seek bids for a free service covering the city, with charges for faster rates. This blog will continue to note what is going on in other places as well as 'wi-fi Exeter'.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Checking out the reality of wifi Exeter ahead of the Animated Exeter events coming up.

The Southgate Hotel still has access in their bar but it is no longer free to non-residents. Pot of coffee for two, £7.50 so you might think there was some margin there.

Wifi £3 for half an hour, so pretty much the BT rate.

Meanwhile the Media Centre at the back of the Phoenix are offering web access for members and are also looking at wifi. It may bot reach the bar but could reach the tables outside. Still very cold in Exeter but this could be worth checking out, say in April.

By April also there might be a case for a trip to the Langstone Cliffs Hotel in Dawlish Warren where the wifi is still free.

Several cafes seen recently offer free newspapers. Sometimes out of date and not always the ones I would choose. but the free newspapers model is well established. I still think free wi-fi is the future.