Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The diagram is from a new page to suggest a discussion around media possibilities.

Further explanation possible over the next fortnight or so during the Autumn Festival. People from LifeBytes will be at the Globe on occasions.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Over at the animX blog, there is a link to PDFs of the promotion for the autumn festival events from ENPAS at the Globe.

Of course you could check the website from your mobile device, but why not print out a poster or two? If there are enough all over Exeter, it might save on battery use for a while.

Friday, October 05, 2007

It turns out that BT are promoting "free wifi".

Or rather a community project to share resources.

Strange but true or at least worth looking into.

So that could be the answer to the UK bandwidth problem. Projects develop across the planet and BT joins in eventually.

Monday, October 01, 2007

South West England is somewhere on Second Life

There are announcements from Adobe that relate to wifi and I have put some links on the AnimX blog. The overlap of content and distribution is such that wifi and animation relate as topics.

Briefly the post is about linking the Apple shop expected in Princesshay and the castle icerink as a photo occasion.

There is also a Second Life event coming up at the Phoenix.

Mon 8 Oct (6-10pm) & Tue 9 Oct (2-5pm & 7-10pm)/FREE

You can "drop in to Exeter Phoenix on Tuesday, where the work will be projected onto the cinema screen, and you’ll find a couple of computers for the technically nervous to dip a toe into the virtual waters."

There is also a Second Life event planned for Bristol or in some relation to Bristol real or imagined. Still a bit vague but sometime in November. Xtreamlab has some info. Keep scrolling down.

I wonder if there is an icerink on Second Life?

Meanwhile on YouTube forms of animation include a sequence of stills from Exeter cathedral close. So a local loop could take in the site of the expected Apple shop, the castle, the Phoenix and the close etc etc till there are clear signs of animation on mobile devices. Don't hold your breath.