Friday, February 26, 2010

Timeshifting Exeter TV

Problem is Jo is not in Exeter at this time. So Exeter TV, the production standards project, is not that present. Meanwhile maybe Rougemont global Broadcasting is better presented as a social network rather than video. not at all sure about this which is why a chat with Jo would be useful. Possible solution is to link this to Facebook then check later. Imagined events can coexist with actual. This is assuming that some sort of record is possible of the lunchtime wanderings.

My wild guess is that Jo might lunch somewhere like the Firehouse, just ouside the zone of the city centre management, then move towards somewhere the Bowling Green on the way home. In other words on a Friday he may not return to the formal conference. This is just fiction you understand.

I think Jo will actually be at the Bowling Green for the Pyrates on St Patricks Night. So I will try to discover his views on social media and the positioning of Exeter. The Pyrates are not too loud, we may be able to converse.

Later, do an edit to put some clips together.

Meanwhile, Facebook. Jo is not on Twitter as far as I know.

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