Friday, December 12, 2008

New interviews on YouTube

This post is in this blog because it covers the implications of broadband etc. some of it is animation but the animX blog will become mostly about content, especially next month as Animated Exeter gathers focus in real space and time.

So far I have been loading some test videos to YouTube as Will Pollard and developing script outlines for Rougemont Global Broadcasting. Exeter TV continues with the aim of a local cable or satellite channel. Meanwhile the samples on YouTube from Exeter TV show material that could be part of longer broadcasts.

I think there needs to be a step change so that Exeter TV and other people with cameras can improve quality. There is a gap between what turns up on YouTube unofficially and what is on mainstream TV. Support of various kinds from arts organisations would be a contribution. Exeter City Council may have a view on how the city is represented online. Reportedly there is no support for Flash on council screens at this time so awareness of YouTube is not what it might be.

Ahead of Two Short Nights I did get some press authorisation so was able to video live talk during the screenings and do some interviews with David Salas and Lee Morgan. I tried out four cameras, two for stills one with zoom, a Canon borrowed from Exeter TV and a disgo from Exeter high street costing less than 30 great British pounds. More on the stills later. The interview with Lee Morgan was in the cinema away from the noise in the bar which seemed a good idea at the time. However the lighting comes from up above and the results are dreadful on both cameras. So this is now sound only with some web links as text.

About the Two Short Nights events

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

local media

David Salas part one in the bar

David Salas part two in the gallery

There will be updates so I think I will wait for new material before another edit. This is more like a record of what is available now than an edit. Exeter TV has a level of quality control but these are just intended to demonstrate a possibility.

Sometime next year there could be another interview with Lee Morgan in outside light. A trip to South Devon would be interesting. Apologies for the lighting this time and also to David Salas for introducing an extra L into his name. Too late now but the next edit will be more careful.

I think the issues covered could be commented on by many others. If you put a video response or text comment onto Youtube please keep a record somewhere. High definition media can be left at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street opposite the Odeon.

Answers please to the following questions

What is the consequence of Web technology for how content is created, distributed and marketed? Is there any sort of business plan that allows this to be viable? Can a news organisation integrate print and web?

see also previous interview with Dr Jo, using the disgo. He may have more to say so more than one final edit is required for balance.