Sunday, March 05, 2006

At Excel for the Book Fair.

It is very bookish. No internet cafe at all but BT are in the central area between the two exhibits. Openzone is free for ten minutes so this may be short.

Guardian Review yesterday included a blast against Google from Bloomsbury publishing. Civilisation is about to end if too much literature is free. Authors will cease to write, apparently. Google is here witha reassuring talk each day and a large stand easy to find. They explain they will put a link through to a publisher site and/or local bookshop.

The 'e-content pavilion' is right at the bak, hard to find, and very few people are looking at it. Content mostly science and reference, aimed at library subs. Almost no e-book promotion other than Google. What do publishers expect to happen?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I have found a recent article by Barry Collins in the Sunday Times, feb 19th. Back page of the Sports section for some reason.

Time to halt the Wifi rip-off

"The sky high prices at most of Britain's wireless internet hotspots is nothing short of scandalous."

Barry wonders if a hotel should charge extra for central heatings or air conditioning or set up different areas for those prepared to pay. He reports that a coffee shop in Brighton is paying £100 a month to Loose Connection for free wifi on offer to all customers.

Maybe five cups of coffee a day extra to cover this cost. Surely this is the future.