Sunday, June 28, 2009

YouTube updated with some talk from the Beer At The Castle event. It is getting closer to being a chat show. Probably it will have to be recreated over time. There is a lot of music to come later but it will take time to edit. There is a tape from the sound mixing desk but not sure where the sound is that different or what to do with it. Need to find some help on this. Best tradition of chat shows, the music comes at the end of the post.

Guy Wadsworth explains what the Castle is about and mentions another event in July when the music will include Spin 2, previously seen in the Castle through the wonders of Photoshop.

Carl Munson talks about a radio show on Phonic FM. He would allow a video camera to attend one Thursday morning. This could be a chance to follow up the discussion below with Simon Egan on music and visual art. Is there a viable way to offer some of it free online? Why is it more likely with music than visual art?

Towards the end Simon also talks about the beer.

The music loaded so far is only a sound check. More later.

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