Friday, June 19, 2009

This post is about content but I am going to concentrate on animation in animX. this is about video, could be animation but mostly not really. "Compositing" : what is meant by this? Should this blog get confusing best to ask me to clarify during the Beer Festival next Friday and Saturday. Earlier the more sensible, conversation easier to hear before Isambarde go electric.

Breakfast today was free at Spacex, coffee and cakes. No news yet on the size of a new carving. But there are leaflets for EASTvideo, to reach Exeter in August. Video is a bit closer to music on the copyright scale. Closer than still images that is. Permission to photograph an oil painting is not very likely. Better stored away somewhere. But some video is online or a sample could be. Topics to cover include why this is so and is it changing?

Some links so far.

Two Quicktime web pages

Elizabeth McAlpine LIGHT READING Cinematic Explosions

Grace Schwindt The Chair

Some Youtube links, best fit

Patricia Esquivias, Folklore No. 1, 2006

Green Elephants

v kunst review 1

Appendix 2: Chce wyjsc ! Chce wrocic do domu + Warsaw View By Day


Por Convencion Ferrer - A Film by David Jacques (Chapter 1)


Kate Corder

Ursula Mayer Interiors

Laure Prouvost

Other link suggestions welcome.

It seems obvious to me that all this video will be better on a big screen than on however you find YouTube. So the consequence of some of it being public online will be to promote the event at Spacex. That is theory A. Discussion to be continued, possibly on camera but possibly not and not either soon or near.

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