Friday, June 19, 2009

I have done a very quick video on the new iPhone, available in Exeter. It is an inspiring idea about getting stuff on YouTube quite quickly. things have changed a bit too. It is not forbidden to photograph near Princesshay as was widely believed when it opened. So this has not got any staff opinions in it and should be ok. Links follow as the official explanation of video arrives on YouTube. I have seen a brief demo and it works well. You can select the part of the image to focus on. Editing is just clipping the beginning and end. No titles. But send to YouTube looks fast enough.

How many will be in Exeter for next weekend? Cameras already exist and a few days to edit and load makes not a lot of difference. That is my impression at the moment but things may change.

Also an interview with Jo Gedrych about Exeter TV and several about the Beer Festival.

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