Monday, June 22, 2009

Thinking more about text and books, it may be more difficult to cover. In Exeter there are two branches of Waterstones in the High Street, both with stock of Sony Reader. Also a Blackwell branch at the university campus but there are no plans for an ondemand book printing device as the site will close soon for redevelopment. Earliest date a couple of years as part of a relaunch. Also I have a cardboard replica of a Kindle. Not available in the UK so why all the fuss?

There has been a slight change with the Apple shop. It seems video is ok if no staff are included. Public statements are best coming from head office. But Princesshay is now to be treated more or less as public space. So you can photograph in the street equivalent.

Maybe we could find some video from somewhere else.

Opinion on what is a text and what should it cost could come from anyone.

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