Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I have loaded some updated notes to Scribd

Notes for Chatshow during beer At The Castle

Thing is I am not sure how much of this will actually be discussed by Saturday. Not enough preparation or notice. So I am now thinking about it as a test and some of the discussion will continue. The music video could suffer from poor sound for example. But the performers will turn up somewhere else later so there could be a link. Sidmouth Folk Week is another sort of timeframe. Interviews could be in Exeter during the morning. Buses to Sidmouth early afternoon are in time for much of the music. So another question is the times for buses to return. Will there be any late night buses as arranged a couple of years ago? Anyway this is off topic for the moment.

Scribd is more urgent as a topic. The reputation in UK media is as a pirate refuge. Too easy to load stuff up, too well connected for comments and links. But USA publishers have strated to use it for freebies and promotions. Also there is now an option to charge for stuff. Only in the USA however. Swizz or what?

Scribd intends to support EPUB and PDF. Pre-media and publishing could be projects for Exeter. The council may be right to ignore Flash given the 2meg target for the UK as announced by Carter. This is more on topic for this week.

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