Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kouatchou videos not a technology test, to be continued for Heavitree and Spin 2

I will keep video updates in this blog, even when there is not much tech involved.

August Bank Holiday Monday now a while ago but editing takes time and my idea is to get more loaded in time for next year. YouTube is very slow to reach an audience but it gradually helps the events that repeat.

Kouatchou was part of the Open Mic but met Spin 2 during the sound check. Two of them joined him for one song and then he joined them later with the song again. There was no rehearsal as such. I found a previous performance on YouTube

so this shows the song with voice and guitar.

Open Mic version

version when all of Spin 2 have arrived

I hope more comes out of this. Future Open Mic Bank Holiday Mondays could result in more mixing and it may continue through the winter.

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