Monday, November 28, 2011

Creative Commons and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport

After sending the DCMS a link to the interviews with Dan Jarvis MP I am told that there is support for Creative Commons on the Flickr site where DCMS photos appear.

The policy mentions that there should be attribution for any phoptos that appear on the DCMS website. However not every photo on Flickr is Creative Commons. Jeremy Hunt at the Eden Project is "all rights reserved". Maybe this will change or permission could be given for this blog to use it.

then you may find it.

Hugh Robertson 'shows his socks' in aid of Help for Heroes

code copied above should show Hugh Robertson and his socks. This one definitely Creative Commons. Also it will interest Dan Jarvis and the Labour Friends of the Forces.

If you want content to be reused or linked to, then a Creative Commons licence makes this clear.

The policy on Creative Commons for YouTube may not have been updated as the option is only recent. But it is custom and practice to embed YouTube in blogs, probably part of YouTube conditions.

Broadcast TV is only one option. Online video and social media are also possible. This would work best with a flexible approach to the reuse of content.

The DCMS has issued a report on education in response to Next Gen. The PDF is at this link.

The PDF has an "Open Government Licence" so the thinking around this relates to Creative Commons.

Lokking at a site such as The Internet Archive might be interesting in schools. The discussion around Creative Commons continues.

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