Monday, December 05, 2011

This week also in London, tent city university library via Twinity in Exeter

Not sure how this week will work out. I am in London on Thursday but this is also the day for the Wild Show on Phonic FM so I may pre record something or phone in. Or edit bits together in the future. Live radio is not what it was, mostly prerecorded or listened again anywaqy.

I am interested in the idea of a university as part of the tents outside St Pauls and Exeter Cathedral. In Exeter there is now a library tent as well. I have started to mix photos of Twinity spaces and reality. So more during this week if I can get to the right places.

My request for the Wild Show - Magic Bus by the Who. Chris not born in 1970 so he may need persuading.

As far as I know Exeter campus will still lose the bookshop in April when the new buildings are open. So the Exeter Riddle 2012 is

If a university campus is better without a bookshop, what is the rationale for a library?

Even starting to answer this involves the cloud. There are many alternative worlds, some of them close together. I think something like this is part of the Blast Theory when the museum reopens. Some sound may turn up on the Wild Show before too long.

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