Wednesday, February 16, 2011

YouTube on mobile devices seems to be getting more probable. The Barcelona news is about another couple of billion prospects. Personally I still have an ancient Nokia device that just makes phone calss and text. But video is better distributed so the cameras will follow. Apparently wifi helps with large files.

So at some point Exeter City Council may support Flash or some other form of video. Maybe there are more urgent priorities for limited funds but I think some sort of video policy is relevant, even if it is just to link to somewhere else. This is the first animated Exeter with a Facebook page that I have found. There are links to video but you don't have to click on them. Maybe Exeter City Council should do more of this sort of thing.

I find that online virtual worlds such as second Life and Twinity are beyond my resources at home. I don't have the right graphics card. So LifeBytes was really useful once upon a time and now St Sidwells will allow Twinity on occasions. They also support Youtube though volume is an issue, normally turned down for other people in the area. Exeter City Council staff or councillors curious about YouTube? Head for St Sidwells.

Back to Twinity. I have put some photos on Flickr. Captions later. These can explain what is possible. Video from Twinity also possible but needs lots of memory and some camera skill. Getting ready for bandwidth later.

Animated Exeter is a showcase for Exeter content. But it would be even better with web content that was not static.

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