Monday, June 05, 2017

Hustings Update, video plan

I will be taking a camera to the hustings tomorrow but not sure what to record. I think the Express and Echo will be ok with another version of a video but I am not sure how the space will work out.

Meanwhile some of the recording from a hand held camera has worked out ok. I am still interested in a YouTube channel on a new level of resources but things are ok as they are. I can link in a blog to other clips and organisations such as the Echo now have a wider range of video available.

I am also doing sound shows on Phonic FM. We cannot cover politics till after the election. Creative Commons and social media has not been a topic much anyway. Well perhaps on the sideleines but not a lot about how policy could support or improve. Maybe more possible later. A lot of it is not really about legislation, more a set of understandings that allows things to work out.

Event Facebook page HERE , I think there will be a link to the live stream.

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