Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Exeter Hustings 2017

This post is about the Boat Shed Hustings for the General Election. I previously did a YouTube playlist for the Devon County Council elections. I had hoped to do another for this one but have been told it is an exclusive for Devon Live as they will do a live stream on Facebook. Since the event has now been postponed I am trying to raise some issues around this in case things might change.

Social media is now much better known than a few years ago. Newspapers have some business model problems so they have fewer reporters. They sometimes use content from public sources. The playlist I did was all Creative Commons. I don't think there has been much reuse of it but in theory there could be. The web at least started with an open approach. The theory of content marketing can come close to the idea of open access. I find that Facebook Live content can vanish after the event while YouTube is more available for mixing in a playlist with other comment. In the long run I don't see how local mainstream media will survive better with content on Facebook or YouTube unless they revise their approach to working with the public in how content is generated.

Another thing, on the DCC hustings I asked each speaker for permission as if it was a performance. I usually will take down a clip on request as people change their style or have other reasons. But I don't think a news event should have too long a delay so permission could be assumed. Is it public?

Anyway, I think meanwhile there could be various ways to continue on YouTube. I have found clips close to the announced speakers. Three from Harry Mottram who may be connected to Trinity Mirror. More info later. Suggestions welcome on clips to add. I think the production standard is not too hard to achieve. Do not break your back carrying round a tripod and lots of lights. Phone clips may be enough if the content is interesting.

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