Sunday, April 02, 2017

Reboot of blog ahead of Culture Hustings at Boat Shed

As far as I can remember this blog is fairly neutral from politics point of view. I will try to be balanced in covering the Hustings at Boat shed in Exeter for Devon County Council elections. Seems a good time to look at how content and cloud can work out as local media. I know the Bike shed Theatre plan to try out a building near the Quay over the summer so I guess the Hustings are a stage towards this.

Topics that interest me still include Creative Commons and local cable. When Exeter TV was proposed the model was USA law that any TV cable has to have a local option. Jeremy hunt was genuinely enthusiastic about this but not much seems to have happened. TV still important so an update would be interesting.  Creative Commons is still not well understood. If chosen as an option on YouTube for example than the clip can be mixed with something else.

I hope to find enough content to start a playlist on YouTube. If Creative Commons then there can be an edit with highlights. This clip from the Phoenix a while ago.

Also found a phone vid, other link suggestions welcome.

I guess video will be allowed at the hustings. Suggest tags are announced so that it can all be found together.

Meanwhile the Tubers studio is a great resource for Exeter. I am still working on how to combine the green screen and the area around the river and canal where soon the sun will provide lighting and video production will be quite cheap. The Boat Shed could be a useful resource as a place to store a tripod . Maybe even more production resource, not sure what they have in mind. With Jon Mahy I did some clips in the Bike Shed the last two summers. Lighting is an issue so the outdoors may solve this but some resource still needed as backup.

Video link suggestions welcome, especially to expand scope towards balance.

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