Monday, May 22, 2017

Ramble about video in Exeter

This is background for the previous post about the hustings at Boat Shed. I welcome policy about government support, funding, education etc. but also wonder about how video is done with limited resources.

Previously there were the Dark Times. Bike Shed Theatre and Bar on loan to Phonic FM for a few days in August 2015. The lighting was terrible.

Recently I asked the Standup Philosopher about a new show and he told me about exeter Visual Arts as a venue. I enquired about a space to store a tripod and if they would invest in a green screen. But then a handheld approach turned out ok and I found a green door on the quay opposite the Boat Shed.

Over the summer the daylight should be ok for video. Sound may have to be recorded again in studio of Phonic FM. Guests welcome on Wild Show Thursday 10 -12 and @wenotno Tue 12 - 2.

What makes the Boat Shed a studio for video / radio ? to be continued

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