Tuesday, May 19, 2009

This may seem a strange choice for this topic but I think the solution could be better access to photos from CCTV through some sort of network. The starting point is the possibility that trees are in danger in the Cathedral Yard not just because of Health and Safety issues but because of the need for clear lines of sight from CCTV cameras. I thought this was a wierd idea at first but then I did some Google searching and found the minutes of a recent meeting for Devon County Council.

Appendix II

To ECC/09/28/HQ

Key Issues identified at presentation on 12 December

--------------------------------------------(i) - (iii) missing here

(iv) Proposed tree planting: the positioning of trees was questioned because of concerns that CCTV views would be obstructed: the proposed trees around the relocated Memorial would also obstruct the view of the west front.

So it is least a possibility that CCTV concerns may have contributed to earlier discussions. As reported on the "This Is Plymouth" website, the reasons given for axing the trees were to do with the danger of branches falling off.

Cathedral authorities said consultants called in to examine the seven trees found they were all suffering from a “common structural fault” and had to be felled.

The cathedral took the advice after an incident the previous year when a branch snapped and took a lower branch with it.

Just in case CCTV may become an issue for the surviving trees, why not surround them with cameras? The scaffolding could be done with taste and the video stream made available to the public. Sound should be possible as well. Nowadays people share all sorts of information through Twitter. We have nothing to worry about if not breaking any laws so why not have more cameras as long as the results can be shared?

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