Saturday, May 30, 2009

An actual meeting did happen at the Well House, part of a planning meeting for the Beer Festival. Some progress as I managed to get agreement for something to be quoted. "Exeter is the biggest village I have ever lived in" said Captain Gallows while handing out sample CDs of the Pyrates who still have a few unbooked dates over the summer. Exeter may be a regional capital but it is also a county town and actually the central part is not that big. It is possible to walk across most of it in a fairly short time. The loop between castle and cathedral is quite short and is a suitable set for photos or video. Taking in the Phoenix and the Apple shop suggests some tech for doing this. The Beer Festival 26/27 Junewill be just from the Castle though the Well House has a cider festival at the same time.

Discussion also covered the technology available in Bristol and a "non-conference" coming up in July called OpenMIC - a mobile innovation camp on 2nd July. This blog is about Wifi Exeter but we tend not to get too technical. Maybe we will just concentrate on content for a while and return to wifi around the time of openMIC. Proabaly there will be several blog updates on the same day, even a Twitter experiment. But things move more slowly once you get west of Bristol. Maybe some people visiting will have mobile phones with cameras etc but the plan is to work out a text guide over a month and then end up with a few three minute video clips.

The Pyrates will be part of Kendal Calling at the end of July. They would like to find some bookings near Lancaster on the way there and back, say Sat 1st August and/or 31 July. Kendal Calling have their own Youtube channel. Not updated so far for this year but it could be useful benchmark to compare hoe Exeter events are promoted. The Pyrates will be asked later for a full report on actual Kendal.

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