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Rougemont Global Broadcasting -
draft notes for chat show during Beer @TheCastle 26/27 June

(this blog is mostly about bandwidth but content is in there somewhere)

RGB is a longterm project to develop video from Exeter. So far there is some text and some clips on YouTube. Mostly the standards are not of broadcast quality. Exeter TV is also on YouTube but with some sort of standard and resources for DVD production. The summer light is a chance to record some interviews and Exeter Castle is a suitable setting. so far the organisers of the Beer Festival have no objections to photography though some of the musicians prefer not to be recorded. We have previously done video from Sidmouth Folk Week where most people accept photography.

Topics will be developed during June and even late May.

Why is music an area where artists are fairly relaxed about copyright? Or put another way, why is print publishing so worried at the moment? Exeter has two Waterstones with the Sony Reader. Also Blackwell at the University where there may bean Espresso instant book machine. Will book culture have to change? The Analogue to Digital Music Expo showed that many people in music have already adjusted.

The RGB loop is between Castle, Phoenix Arts, Cathedral, Apple Store and back again. Photography near the Apple Store not welcome but Second Life is an alternative. The dynamic is to explore technology and content. At the Cathedral there has been recent video of Simon Pope on show at Spacex and also jazz concert. Apologies for the low production standards in both cases. The wind wrecks the sound for most of the talk about Carved From Memory and the lighting collapses soon after the concert started at 8pm. However there could be studio interviews with people who were on the walk and Cathedral Jazz will perform again some day. The approach around YouTube is to load what is available. An edit can come later.

Editing is a major topic. OhmyNews is a citizen journalism site in Korea. They concentrate on editing resource for stories sent in by readers. I have done a report about the Exeter Korean Film Week. How will the approach to text change as more news comes through video? On YouTube the audience can choose a sequence. Is there much use of worldtv?


There is much discussion on how local newspapers can survive current difficulties. Working with bloggers and other websites could be an option if there was a shared idea of network news. some finance needed for video. the costs are dropping but editing still takes time.

Visual Images are probably still more closely protected than text. Galleries rarely allow video of interviews near to artwork. However, sound is part of the art mix and also video can be seen as an exhibit. What sort of thing turns up on YouTube? Conversation can be around both the value of what is on YouTube and whether recognised work of value should remain in a gallery.

Other topics may crop up. Or all issues may have been resolved already through text. If the musicians welcome it the concentration may be on recording performances. But some of these questions are worth repeating.

Simon Egan has claimed on camera that he will be loading the soundtrack of "Fraud" to the Internet Archive. Can't be found at the moment but perhaps this statement was a deliberate deception. Expect a follow up question if he can be found during June.

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