Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Tom has left a comment so here it is as a quote in case you missed it.

I am actually writing this comment from the libary in Exeter. A free (3meg ish) hotspot, and if you need mains power it's a quid a day.

I just find it's easier to come here than to give my notebook a shroud of grease in Macdonalds... In fact, I've never seen anyone use their computer in there...!

I might try Starbucks soon, I'm a T-Mobile customer so I think that makes it free?

The big advantage at the libary is the mains power though...

Oh, and when I'm out of all hotspots I have the HSDPA modem in my phone - the complete wireless solution!

Anyway, try the libary - just a thought..

Fair comment, good to hear it. I am a bit conflicted as I am often based at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street. Web access is the only local industry where the council competes. Apart from DVD hire I suppose. Maybe the time for internet cafes is coming to an end. Still I do hear that librarians cannot offer much support for disaster recovery in various forms and it has been known for the difficult enquiries to be sent along Sidwell Street.

Meanwhile on Queen Street

Apparently BT have arranged for a free coffee voucher if you buy some time online. This makes very little sense. Would you get some free toast with the Western Morning News? I think free wifi is the future.

Meanwhile at the university library wifi is all over the place. The journals seem to have vanished to make way for some comfortable seating and casual locations for mobile devices. The journals are still available upstairs on the shelves but they have lost their place as a feature on the way in. News now comes through Google Scholar presumably.

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