Tuesday, April 29, 2008

in today's print version of the Western Morning News I cannot find any letters in response to the editorial on allegedly trashy local TV in the USA. On another visit to Life Bytes on Sidwell Street opposite the Odeon I discover that Jo Gedrych did send a letter for publication by email. He has allowed me to quote this in full for the blog. So if the spiders find the YouTube video as well there may be further comment.

I saw your piece in the opinions page yesterday following the report of the Tories belated endorsement of 'ultra-local' TV.
This policy statement is a somewhat half hearted and very late endorsement of the very real fact that in the UK the established broadcast media only half heartedly, if at all, reflect local events. Here in the South West if you disregard the news broadcasts, effectively 45 minutes a day, there is only one hour of local programming per week across 80 channels. Digital television and broadband offer an affordable opportunity to establish local tv and radio at a very local level. There are already many local tv channels in the UK - some on satellite, some on the old analog network and some on digital freeview and cable. To assume that all this is televised trash is to denigrate the efforts of local broadcasters to serve the needs of their area. Surely, given the amount of US made television we already consume, it is time to dump this outmoded idea that volume equals low quality? Your editorial demonstrates an unjustified sense of British superiority and a total lack of knowledge about what is going on in local broadcasting across the globe. I would ask you your question - have you watched any of it?

Time to wise up and look around.

Jo Gedrych
director, the Exeter Television Company.

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