Saturday, April 26, 2008

Jeff Jarvis has conjured up a vision of coffee culture in the future, writing about how companies use blogs to get ideas, for example Starbucks-

"Use the power of media and wireless new media in particular to foster a sense of conversation about the arts, current events, etc," one customer proposed. An enthused commenter responded: "Great conversation will also renew the image of Starbucks as being not only a coffee community but also a global community where humanist ideas and great artists, writers, comedians etc could also attract a lot of people and turn Starbucks into a cultural, humanist hub!"

Well, there are a couple of Starbucks in Exeter but lots of other coffee sites as well. As shopping moves online the high street may turn out to be mostly about eating and drinking and meeting in real space. wifiExeter is less about Exeter also as there is quite a lot in the blog about other places.

Maybe future posts will try to cross over actual Exeter and online links to wherever. Second Life is one route to this but as the City Council do not support Flash yet the bandwidth concerns are real.

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