Thursday, June 28, 2007

It has not been possible to arrange permissions for video at the exhibition by Exeter College currently on Sidwell Streeet opposite the Odeon. This is unfortunate as Life Bytes is so close they might have been persuaded to do some video for Exeter TV. However there may be something ready for next year and there have been some conversations about topics to be included.

Some of the work seems to me to fit with ideas about mass distribution and the potential of digital technology. Tereza Buchlova shows some photos that I think were printed inkjet and also some linocut illustrations for "The Truth", a book by Terry Pratchett. It turns out that two of these have been scaled down to fit the dummy books. The linocuts were scanned, resized and then printed inkjet. It is not easy to see much of a difference except for the colour of the background paper where the inkjet has white edges.

There seems not to be any intention for a limited edition of linocuts. The interest is in the effect as a source for litho printing.

So why not put the digital source of the photos online? The next question is how could this be sustained? This is a discussion to be continued.

Show closes at the end of this week. So you don't have to accept my opinion that the linocut looks much like the inkjet.

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