Monday, July 09, 2007

The weekend was excellent. The Future Sound of Exeter welcomed the idea of video during the Respect Festival. Exeter Television, based at Life Bytes on Sidwell Street, recorded during the world music on Saturday and the rock on Sunday. There was at least one high level camera. There were lots of camera around. Clearly with Youtube etc. There is now acceptance for video most of the time. Probably a lot of it will be available for an edit but it is not yet clear how long this will take.

This blog has been partly about bandwidth technology. However the content is getting more interesting so the scope will change for the summer. Possible the "Animx" blog will have a wider scope than just animation. But for the rest of the summer it is assumed that web access is available or else not that important. To be reviewed in the autumn when normal service is resumed.

My information is that Psand will continue working with satellite and wifi, probably often in the south west of England. I put it that way because sometimes the technology may not appear to work as expected. Fortunately I have some archive material from previous years. So the Big Green Gathering is a probable connection with Dragonsfly , dance band from the Voodoo Lounge on the World Music Day.

There is some Dragonsfly video on YouTube that illustrates their range. With the Sidmouth Folk Week approaching I have been thinking about folk music and what limits it has. The video from Glastonbury Town Hall shows something that could happen in the Anchor Gardens. Another video could be part of the range at Dukes. Not much chabce of Dragonsfly turning up, they seem fully booked. But this blog may continue some video benchmarking unless there are better things to do.

I know there is video of Dragonsfly at the Phoenix Exeter but this has yet to be edited. Possibly this will happen before Sidmouth but as real life moves slowly I may link to whwtever can be found on the web and fits in with the text.

Dragonsfly will also be at the Thames Festival in September. Last year or the year before Psand were hoping to provide connectivity for a sax solo. This was not possible for various reasons. This year there will be something on Second Life. Maybe this is a way to round off the summer. I am not sure how it will work.

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