Thursday, June 21, 2007

Back to the Beyond the Frame show. It is much better than I gathered yesterday.

Round the corner from the wonderful frame are some actual photos. Not clearly signed. In the gap on the way out. There are a few sent in by phone or email. But none in the frame as advertised.

If you just invent something in photoshop, email to

Should turn up at Myspace/beyondtheframe

Personally, I am still mostly interested in the landscapes. Spacex showed photos from camera phones as if they were watercolours. Now we are allowed to send user generated content to the Royal Albert. But why is the art archive not on show over the web? And what is the value of gthe photos that do not turn up in a gallery frame?

Couple of finds through a bit of Googling.

Worcester City Museums have a painting, Summer Sea, Newquay by Julius Olsson.

Compares with one in the show.

And the Artfund have a version of a Devonshire valley.

The Artfund is a charity raising money to buy art for the public. So making a reasonably sized scan available online makes a lot of sense.

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